Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Decoded

It is often said; citizens of Mexico are taught to embrace death. They celebrate it, make fun of it and even sleep with it. This may be the result of the history of the region; it was fraught with death and destruction. From the time of the Spanish conquest to the Great Revolution, unnatural death has been a part of life in Mexico. However, unlike modern world which always hurries to avoid death, Mexicans accept it. They make no attempt to hide away from this unavoidable end. For them, death is not the end, it is the transportation of one’s soul to another existence. They even believe in the return of spirits at a certain time in the year to visit their loved ones. All the festivities are arranged to invite them, to facilitate this homecoming.

Every single act in Day of the Dead celebration is a symbol. The following is a brief description of some of them.

  • Skeleton: This is the image which prevails all through the occasion. People make bread made in the shape of a skeleton and decorate it with bones made of sugar.
  • Altar: This is the place built to welcome the spirits of the deceased. It is decorated with the favorite food items, flowers, candles and trinkets. The food is kept intact even when they go for the procession in the evening of the first day of the celebration, November 1st.
  • Pan de Muertos: This is known also as the bread of the dead. It is some sort of a bun made in the shape of a bone and decorated with sugar. The sugar even represents the soil in the graveyard.
  • The sugar skulls: Skulls are made from sugar and decorated with colorful patterns. These are distributed among friends and family. The designs represent the vitality and the need of enjoying life.
  • The seeds: These are the snacks being offered to the deceased. The seeds can be either of pumpkin or amaranth. It is believed that the ancient Mexicans used amaranth seeds in the place of sugar to prepare the skulls.
  • Food: The favorite food items of the deceased are kept on the altar as offerings. The most important among them is Tamale, an item specific for the occasion.
  • Alcohol: Bottles of the favorite alcoholic beverage of the deceased ancestors are used to toast, to celebrate their homecoming.


The Mexican marigold, the flower with a pungent odor capable of warding off pesticides you may come across was familiar to this people before centuries. This five-petal flower was known for its ability to fog the brain. History reports that ancient people used to sprinkle some kind of a powder made from this flower onto the face of a person who is about to be sacrificed. This they believed reduced the horror the victim experiences.

Marigold also plays a vital role in the festivities of Dia de los muertos. It is the most important among the flowers used to decorate the altar and the graves of the deceased. They believe that its smell is capable of guiding the spirits in their journey. You may come across regional variations in the Dia de los muertos festivities. But, the inherent theme always remains the same.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Tips on Rental Services

A wheelchair van still remains beyond the reach of an average person. There may be numerous organizations working in the field. But, if you are someone who seldom goes out from your home, buying the same may not be a viable option. However, having to lift the wheelchair into a vehicle all the time may not be practical when going for a long trip or a vacation. Here comes a rental service for your assistance. Renting a wheelchair van not only saves time and money, but also offers you the luxuries you may never be able to buy.

Locating a reliable rental service

Surf the Internet with the keyword “wheelchair vans for rent.” You would come across thousands of dealers. You would also be able to locate non-profit organizations dedicated for the purpose. Explore their websites. Do not forget to set aside a budget before venturing online. Search for your choice model within the price-range you have decided.

Your phonebook too is an excellent source of information in the matter. Know that most of the national agencies would be having local branches in your town. Searching for private agencies too may be of help. There are also companies offering incentives. Rent a particular model of vehicle for a long time, it would pay half the price if you decide to go for the same when buying one.

Tips to remember

When hiring a rental wheelchair accessible vehicle, make sure that you keep the following things in mind.

  1. Book in advance

Don’t feel relaxed thinking that your local dealer would have a vehicle at its disposal for you whenever you contact. Book well in advance, especially in high seasons. The same applies when renting a vehicle from the busy places like airports.

  1. Enquire about the credentials required

The credentials required may vary from company to company. Take care to make sure that you are aware of all the formalities. Contact the salesperson and inform what you need. This does not mean that you have to give a detailed description of your disability. Just informing your need would do.

You should also enquire of the services the company offers. Take care to ensure that it would be able to take care of your transportation from and to the airport. If the response you receive is not satisfactory, you can always contact other agencies.

Starting a wheelchair accessible vehicles rental service

If you have the passion to serve humanity without being extremely business-focused, a wheelchair vehicle rental agency may be the call for you. Begin your attempts by preparing a detailed business plan.

Done this, you can find a suitable location, buy the vehicles and furniture and get into action. Keep in mind that this is a business where you may need to spend a huge amount. Apply for business loans if you feel that budget would be a hindrance in your efforts.

You should also be prepared to outline a detailed service plan. And, do not forget one thing; the vehicles should have all the features required to transport a wheelchair bound person. Explore Government websites and educate yourself in the matter.

Remember, the market is expanding; offering wheelchair accessible vehicles for rent may be the most profitable business you can have.

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Dia De Los Muertos – Origin and History

As a US citizen, you are sure to have heard about Mexican day of the deadDia de los Muertos. The festivities may remind you of Halloween. However, the difference lies in the fact that while the former celebrates death, the latter depicts it as something to be feared.


Little is known about the origin of this tradition. Records say that it was there in Mexico for centuries.

The Spaniards conquered Mexico 500 years back. Reports state that the people there belonged to several cultures before the conquest. The Olmec culture, the Mayan civilization and the Aztecs are just a few to mention in this regard. Despite the cultural differences, people in the area stayed connected through one festival; Dia de los muertos. They believed that death was a cycle; when someone dies, the soul goes into another form of existence. This created a situation where death began to be celebrated rather than feared.

The present day celibrations

To the Spaniards who conquered the region in 1521, this celebration appeared to be mocking death. They tried whatever they can to stop what they considered to be an uncivilized ritual. However, the ritual went on despite their best efforts.

Spaniards were able to introduce a few changes. Catholic beliefs were incorporated into the ritual. Consequently, the one-month celebration which used to be from the beginning of August to the end of the month was shortened to just to two days; on November 1st and 2nd. These, according to the Catholics are the “All Saints Day” and the “Day of the Dead.” Even the name of the Goddess in honor of whom the celebration was organized got changed from goddess Mictecacihuatl to Lady Catrina. The rituals still remain almost the same with slight differences from region to region.


As mentioned above, Dia de los muertos honoured the dead. They did the following to celebrate the occasion.

  • Preparation: The Dia de los muertos celebration is a two-day event; 1st and the 2nd of November. However, preparations start well in advance; 2-3 weeks before the occasion. Different forms of arts representing death in some or the other way begin appearing in the market. A particular type of delicacy known as pan de muerto is an item particular to the auspicious occasion. It is sweet bread decorated with forms resembling the bones of the dead. You can get all sorts of candies and toys during the season. The celebration is a real boost to the economy of the nation.
  • The festivities: On the eve of November 1st, they morn for the deceased children. The evening is called the “night of mourning.” At night, the entire region goes to the cemetery as a candlelight procession. They believe that the spirits of the deceased come back in the morning. All families visit the cemetery of their ancestors taking everything their loved ones liked to enjoy. They spend the entire day near the graves decorating them. In the evening, they come back, prepare an altar, decorate it with flowers and pray for their ancestors.

There may be different interpretations of this celebration. However, with all its seemingly crude nature, it stands for the undying spirits of the Aztec Civilization.

Visit this year Day of the Dead at Mission San Luis Rey at Oceanside, CA at October 26 – Sunday 10 am to 05 pm. All information’s available at official website.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Maintaining a Van

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is definitely the door to independence for a handicapped person. But, the unfortunate fact is that the excitement when buying the vehicle simply fades off after acquiring it. Proper maintenance often gets ignored. Know that negligence in this direction can cost you dearly. You would be denied the warranty being offered for the product. The dealer may even refuse you the regular service your van requires to stay in good condition. Keeping the points given below would help you a lot in this regard.

As mentioned above, regular maintenance would determine the life of your wheelchair van. Take care to clean the bottom door of your van at regular intervals. Doing this once in three weeks is highly recommended. It would protect its motor from getting burned or working hard to maintain efficiency.

Before taking out the vehicle to drive, inspect the brakes. Detecting any sign of wear or tear should take you to the dealer. Do not be negligent here; you may have to drive on snow if it happens during winter.

Understand that lights are essential to help you stay safe on the road. They not only help you see clearly; fellow passengers too would avoid danger by being able to see you from a distance.

You should also make sure that the vehicle has all the fluids in sufficient quantities; in the brakes, the washer unit etc. And do not neglect your batteries. Make sure that the battery in your vehicle is fully charged before taking it out onto the road. This hold specifically true in winter. Extreme climate puts extra strain on the battery of your vehicle. Even then, a wheelchair accessible vehicle has to do a lot of work like lifting the ramps. Finally, do not ignore the windshield. Having a good wiper is just one aspect; the defrosters should function smoothly. Even small ding can cause trouble. Remember, having to replace the windshield of a wheelchair vehicle may cost you a bit.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles increasing the trade value

Everything needs replacement at one time or another. Your wheelchair van is not an exception. Having the budget to buy a better model or changing requirements; the reasons may vary. Whatever it is, being able to sell the vehicle you are using would help you reduce the cost of a newer version. However, this asks for a bit of caution on your part. Keep the following things in mind.

  • Be mindful of appearance: Know that how the interior and exterior of your vehicle appears matters a lot when trading in your vehicle. Wash and wax it at regular intervals and keep a receipt of all the services you obtain. Having proof of good care often increases the value of a wheelchair van or any other vehicle.
  • Do not eat anything inside your vehicle: Avoid having meals inside your van or car. Even smoking should be avoided. These things would cause permanent damage, reducing its overall value. Regular servicing is a must; you may be doing the best you can to keep it in excellent condition. But, dints or faded painting are signs asking for urgent professional care. Do not ignore them.

Wheelchair vehicles hold the key to your independence; give them the care they deserve.

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Important information on disabled driving

Important information on disabled driving


There are various types of disabled driving controls. You could use these controls to keep driving safely instead of disabilities that would have otherwise restricted driving. It has made life simple and commuting from one place to another really easy for handicapped people. There are certain laws and rules that one has to abide by to make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive and the driver is well aware on how to use the disabled controlled.

There are different controls according to the disability of the person. To drive with the help of these controls you will have to learn to use them. Give a driving test and pass it and you will also have to make sure that your vehicle is well equipped for driving with these controls. These are certain rules that you need to abide by before you start using the disability controls.

Important information on disabled driving


Here is some essential information for you that will help you to use the disabled controls in your car and drive safely. These rules are meant for your safety and also the safety of other people on the roads.


Driving test


The first thing that you will have to do is pass the driving test with the disability controls. You could use the type of control that you want and the one that is most effective in your condition. To learn how to operate these controls and to acquire a driving license you will have to be at least 16 years old.

Since there are some technicalities involved in learning how to operate the controls there will be both theoretical and practical tests that you will have to pass. You will have to take a final road test to get the driving license. The car that you drive in the road test should have all the controlled installed in it that you will be using.


Vehicle test


Just like the driver the vehicle will also go through a thorough checking. There should be all the necessary equipments and controls present in the car that you will be driving. The vehicle has to be modified to suit the need of the driver and it should cater to the specific disability of the driver. The car needs to have power windows, power locks and power steering. It should also have revised seat belts that will be safe for the driver. For people who are unable to use foot controls there must be hand controls installed in the car.






Handicapped driving laws


Before you start driving you should be aware of the handicapped driving laws as well. The three most important laws regarding disabled driving are state motor vehicle laws, Americans with Disabilities Act and Vehicle Modification Law.

Disabled driver controls allowed in different states


Different states might have restrictions on different disabled driver controls. Therefore you should check with the rules applicable in your state before you purchase or install any control. For example, the spinner knobs used on steering wheels are not allowed in all the states.

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Weekend retreats are good for health and lifestyle

Weekends are for fun, frolic and relaxation. Some people enjoy their weekends by partying and others go on weekend trips to faraway locales. Weekends are for relaxation and family bonding. If you consider your group of gal pals to be your family then go out with them on a weekend retreat. A retreat is nothing but escaping from the worries and stress of daily life. You can avoid stress by going away for a day or two. Modern urban dwellers believe in overall wellbeing and fitness. Weekend trips can enhance your good health and you can indulge in healing therapies or spa treatments to recharge yourself. The resorts are offering services for improving health through yoga sessions, outdoor games, breathing technique classes and massage therapies. There are a host of services aimed at improving your lifestyle and health habits. For example some resorts are also offering a chance to urban dwellers to learn cooking healthy meals. Change of surroundings is a refreshing experience for both men and women.

Feel younger and extend your life span

Long back in the historic age people used to travel from one place to another as a part of their social lifestyle. Traveling is still a part of the life of the gypsies. Traveling helps in rediscovering oneself and frees people from the bondage of socio-familial responsibilities. Travelers can be alone with their thoughts and watch the sunset, sipping martini without worrying about the latest project or changing the nappy of the babies. It makes one feel younger and reduces the stress hormones. According to a study conducted by the State University of New York people who travel for leisure at least once have longer lifespan than people who do not travel. Traveling once every year can increase a man’s life span by 20 years.

Weekend retreats are good for mental health

Recently a group of researchers from the Wisconsin University has published a study report that shows that women who travel often do not become depressed and feel more confident. Traveling makes people feel mentally stronger and enhance their capability of coping with stress. In the modern world most people are suffering from anxiety disorder due to soaring levels of stress. To fight stress change of place and relaxation are very necessary. Good mental health is necessary for stable lifestyle and strong relationships.

Bring back the spark in relationships

After having kids, most couples lose the passion for each other and this severely damages their relationship. Many break up and get divorce on the grounds of sexless marriage. To bring back the passion and fervor that you and your partner used to have for each other weekend trips are necessary. Retreats can rejuvenate relationships like none other. Romantic resorts have become very popular among couples who want to revive their relationship.

Empowers women

Who says that women cannot have fun alone? Many self-sufficient women are choosing to visit weekend retreats on their own or with their gal pals. Traveling and vacationing alone makes women happier and more confident. It makes them relax and feel free from the burden of responsibilities.

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California Missions History An Introduction

The twenty-one missions in California, as you know are spread in the region from San Diego to Sonoma. They still stand there as reminders of the past of the nation. Visiting them would bring to minds the period of colonization and its effect on the Native Americans. The following is an overview of the history of the missions as a whole.

California Missions History

If you are someone who loves history, you are sure to have noticed one thing; sixteenth century is known as a time of exploration. The excitement of renaissance had filled Europe. The people there wanted to explore and know what was there beyond the sea. They had trade relationships with Asia. But, the route to the continent was filled with dangers. They wanted a safer and easier sea route to Asia.

The Spaniards

Spaniards were the renowned explorers of the time. They had already found out America. The King of Spain wanted to explore westward and see if there is room for expansion of his influence. He also had to find a safer route to the countries in Asia.

California Missions

Hernan Cortez, one of the King’s men had travelled as far as Mexico and had conquered a large civilization. The Spaniards had named it as “New Spain.” Others also followed him. But, they failed to find the prosperity like that of Mexico or the New Spain. They later decided to focus on increasing the number of colonizing and making the conquered Spanish citizens.

At this time, the Spanish King came to know that Russians also wanted to explore the area to have a share of the prosperity of the region. This frightened the King. In the year 1769, the first extensive expedition by land and sea set out to California as per his instructions. They met in San Diego and established the first fort and mission in California. This served as the military base for Spain here.

In the time period of fifty-four years, twenty-one missions and four forts were established. Gradually, some of these outposts developed into great cities. San Francisco, San Diego are two among them.

The objectives of the missionaries

The missionaries; the Spaniards who founded these establishments were Catholics. Their mission was to convert the Native Indians to Christianity. In fact, they were the first among the Europeans who came to the area with a view to colonize the people who lived in the region. They brought their culture, religious practices and agriculture along with them. According to the missionaries, they were trying to educate and civilize a people they called barbaric. However, the ensuing conflicts and the accusations followed created a situation where their motives began to be questioned.

The Indians lived in small huts. Girls were asked to stay in apartments which promised security. This became a well-established system. The missionaries wanted to make sure that the Indians are not allowed to come together so as to avoid rebellion. Still, history records of violent outbreaks and epidemics. The records are mostly written from the missionaries’ perspective. The Indians at that time were generally illiterate.

In the year 1823, the expansion of these Missions came to an end. Today, just the reminders are allowed to stay. This is done with a view to let the California Missions history live long.

Learn more about California Missions by visiting Old Mission Museum in Oceanside, CA. get all info on collection, tours and prices on this link.

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Health Retreat Facilities Advantages

The first question a majority of the people ask when someone recommends a health retreat is; would it do any good? The doubt is quite natural. The decision to go spend some time in a retreat facility comes up with numerous choices. Opting for one from the many available is definitely a herculean task.

If you are someone who wants to renew your diet and cleanse your body, the best option is a health retreat. Facilities designed for the purpose abound in number. One just has to go for an accommodation which is affordable and healthy at the same time.

Benefits of going to health retreat facilities

The advantages health retreats offer are numerous. But, if you want to get the most out of your time here, your expectations should be realistic. Know your physical condition and strive for those goals which your body would allow you to attain. When this condition is fulfilled, you can expect all or some of the following things from your time spent in a health retreat facility.

  • Your body gets rejuvenated: An overall feeling of well-being is something you can expect from a health retreat, irrespective of its length. Most of them are designed in such a way that the participants are helped to increase the quality of their sleep, digestion, boost energy and gain a fair skin.
  • Relief from stress: You may fail to notice; a tight timetable is sure to affect your health at one time or the other. The best thing to do before it becomes too much for you to handle is to spend some time in a relaxing atmosphere. This is what you are going to have in a health retreat facility. Those who have been to these facilities claim that they were able to feel relaxed and overjoyed. In fact, the change from a mechanical life to a scenic surrounding itself is capable of making anyone feel energized and happy.
  • Obesity gets cured: Obesity is another issue most of the people in the US suffer. And, almost all the health retreat programs would have some kind of arrangements to help you take care of the issue. Reports say that certain types of retreats would help you lose up to twenty-eight pounds within ten days.
  • You are helped to quit smoking: You may be someone who is trying hard to quit smoking, the villain leading to numerous health issues. But, attending a health retreat makes this job a lot easier. This happens because you are offered an opportunity to get advice from almost all professionals in the industry; from a general practitioner to a health expert, the options are vast. You would also be able to learn to stay away from the temptation to go back in your decision.
  • Your social life gets a new dimension: Health retreats also help your social life. During your time in a retreat facility, you would get a chance to meet people from all over the world. This would broaden your social circle. Some centers even encourage their residents to enjoy short-time trips. This is definitely going to have a positive impact in your life ahead.

These are just some of the benefits health retreat facilities have in store for you. Spend some time for any of the places renowned in the field. From spas to affordable accommodations, your choices are vast and diverse here.

If you have decided to visit some of California retreat centers then you are welcome to visit Old Mission Retreat Center at Oceanside, California. Visit official website for retreat schedule and reservations.

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Affordable Business Insurance Finding Great Deals

A company is the priced possession for a majority of business owners. Quite naturally, they would want the best for their firm. Insurance is not an exception in this regard. But, having to spend huge for the same would mean defeating the very purpose for which the firm is established. It implies that the profits they hoped to earn through the business would vanish within no time if insurance becomes expensive. For this reason, it is a must that you as a business owner are able to know how to get great deals in this field. Given below are a few tips to help you with this task.

  1. Compare quotes

If you are someone who shops online, you would definitely know the value of comparison shopping. The same holds true for insurance policies. Premiums and the extent of coverage offered in various policies differ from company to company. Explore the Internet and locate as many agencies as possible specializing in the type of coverage you need. There are numerous insurance websites designed with a view to help consumers in the matter. Take the most out of them.

  1. Raise the deductible

This is the amount you would be paying before your claim comes into action. The higher the deductible is, the lower your premium would be. Having to spend money from your pocket when something happens may appear to be a strain on your budget. But, it would help you save great in the long run.

  1. Be aware of changing requirements

As your business expands, the type of coverage required too would change accordingly. Let your choice insurance agent be updated with the changes in your company.

  1. Reduce risks

Reducing the possibility of risks too would help you a lot in getting great deals in insurance coverage. Install safety devices like intruder alert systems, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc. Doing all these would create the impression that you are a low-risk customer. This would lead to great discounts.

  1. Eliminate unwanted coverage

This is something you should do at regular intervals. Compare the total value of the assets you have and adjust your insurance policy accordingly.

  1. Look for flexibility

You may have managed to get the services of a highly skilled and qualified broker. But, if the agent is not flexible enough, you are going to suffer. The best way to test this is to check his/her response towards requests for adjustments in the quotes offered. It often happens that the first few quotes offered may not come at par with your expectations. If the broker appears hesitant or annoyed when responding, you may take your business to his/her competitor.

A reputed broker for affordable business insurance

When searching for an insurance agent to help you in these matters, always go for a reputed broker. This would make sure that the services you are offered are reliable. Know that cheaper may be a compromise with regard to quality. Go for a renowned agency with a nationwide coverage even if its premium is a bit expensive. The important traits you should look for in an agent are reliability and the attitude towards complaints.

Research online on affordable business insurance and update yourself consistently. This is the only way to make sure that your expense here stays within your earning capacity.

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Freezerless Refrigerators Why Acquire One

Technology has done much to improve the quality of life, to make it easy and simple. One among its great innovations is refrigeration systems. They too have undergone dramatic changes. Earlier, the primary purpose of a refrigerator was to preserve food. Today, it has become multi-functional. When shopping for it, all you need is to determine the features you want and go for the one which comes at par with your expectations. A freezerless refrigerator is the most popular among the types of cooling systems available to buy in the market at present. It is the best choice if you are someone who is concerned of preserving food rather than freezing them.

Here is an overview of the advantage a freezerless fridge has in store for you.

  • Offers maximum storage space: The storage space in a freezerless refrigerator is sure to be greater when compared to its freezer-included variant. If you are someone who enjoys giving parties, this is definitely the best choice.
  • Ideal for small homes and apartments: Refrigerators with freezers is sure to be larger in size in comparison to their freezerless counterparts. This makes it best suited for homes or apartments where space is a major concern.
  • Great for commercial establishments: Experience shows that a freezerless unit holds numerous advantages for the establishments like bakeries and bars. They generally don’t freeze the items being sold. Freezing would lower the quality of the items like juices. These units also help them keep larger shelves or trays containing the items like cakes. Keeping track of the items you have stored is quite easy in these types of cooling equipment.
  • They are energy-efficient: Users also report that a freezerless unit uses less energy than its other counterpart. In a refrigerator, the stored items are not allowed to freeze. Quite naturally, the expense decreases.


Points to keep in mind


Whatever is the equipment you want to buy, the key to satisfaction is knowing your requirements. Freezerless refrigeration systems are available in the design, color and type you want. The great thing is that even a tight budget does not impose restrictions here. Companies even supply fridges designed to go well with the décor of a kitchen. If space allows, you can even buy two separate ones; one freezer and a refrigerator.


Energy consumption is another concern you should address. If your choice falls on a unit without adequate insulation, it may lead to an increase in your electricity bill. This happens because when a freezerless unit opens, the cold air simply goes out.


When shopping for the same, online purchase is highly recommended. You are able to access greater variety than moving from store to store in search of a good model. Most of the online stores also offer great discounts to their first-time customers.


Remember, only you would be able to decide what you want. Explore the options available in freezerless refrigerators and go for the one you think would fulfill your requirements. If you are willing to remain alert, you would also be able to save huge when making a purchase.


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