Frequently asked questions about renting wheelchair accessible vans answered

If you need to rent a wheelchair accessible van and you have no idea where to begin, here are a few frequently asked questions by people along with their answers. To get all info you need to decide click here.

Where is the rental agency located?

If you choose an agency that has nationwide branches, you have nothing to worry about. Search for the nearest branch near your destination. The choice of a rental agency will depend upon its availability to where you are going.

How much does a rental cost?

Not all rental agencies charge the same prices for wheelchair accessible vans. Neither does a single agency have the same prices for all their rental vehicles. Pick your agency and go the section on their website that provides an approximate quote for the services you want.

Do agencies deliver?

All rental agencies will deliver the wheelchair accessible van you’ve picked to any location you want. Considering the special nature of the vans, it would be unprofessional of a rental agency to not offer delivery services. The main purpose of wheelchair accessible vans is mobility and independence for wheelchair users and delivery should be a compulsory part of their services. Based on your convenience, you can decide if the van should be delivered to a hotel, airport, railway station, etc. Along with the car, the agency will also send any additional mobility equipment you may have reserved.

What kind of vans are available?

Most rental agencies stock a generally similar range of wheelchair accessible vans. Due to the spatial requirement of conversions, accessibility equipment can only be installed in vehicles that are minivans or larger. Rental agencies keep a fairly extensive number of the most reliable vans and minivans in the market with the best conversions.

Your rental agency’s website will have a list of their wheelchair accessible vans along with the conversions. If you go through the detailed description of each of the vehicles, you will have a fair idea of which one is right for you.

In case you are unfamiliar with cars and cannot be sure which wheelchair accessible van will suit you most, speak to your agency’s mobility consultant. They will guide you to make the correct choice for your trip.

How to get insurance for the rented van?

Rental agencies do not provide insurance with their wheelchair accessible vans. You are liable for any damages unless you get insurance yourself. Contact your insurance company for the relevant coverage. In cases where the rented wheelchair accessible van has been damaged by a third party, their insurance is supposed to cover the cost of damages and repairs.

Can wheelchair accessible vans be rented for road trips?

Rental for a road trip will depend on the branch of the location you are starting your journey from. You will also have to consider the possibility of terminating your road trip at a location where there is a branch of your agency and a pick up for the van can be arranged.

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Build your own wheelchair accessible van

Technology has truly changed the way people interact with the rest of the world. Advances in the field of information and technology, science, electronics, etc. has had an impact on the lives of almost everyone on this planet. This has led to a growing consciousness of equality among people. Efforts are being made to embrace those who were previously marginalized.

In this context, it is necessary to mention the work being done for the disabled. All efforts are being made to make their environment more accessible so that they are not left out from any aspect of life. Public places, work places, sports, travelling, etc. have all been made accessible for people with mobility challenges.

We now live in a time when a disabled person doesn’t even have to leave their home to purchase a wheelchair accessible van. Most online vendors of mobility equipment, especially vehicles, offer online services where you can customize your van according to your needs.

Online accessible vehicle dealerships that specialize in wheelchair accessible vans have a separate page where you can build your own van. Just follow the basic instructions and you will have the ideal wheelchair accessible van. Here are a few ideas about what to expect:


The first thing that you will most probably have to do is pick the type of conversion you want for your wheelchair accessible van. The usual conversions are either in-floor ramps that slide out to give access to wheelchairs or ones that fold out once the van door opens. Due to issues of space some conversions might not be compatible with particular models of vans.

Pick your van

Once you have locked down on your conversion, pick the wheelchair accessible van you want. Remember, if the conversion you’ve picked is too sophisticated you might not have too many options while choosing the make of your van.

Choosing the model

Any reputable online vendor will at least have a few models of the wheelchair accessible van you have chosen. Pick the one that suits your needs and budget the most.

Choose the color of your van

Online dealerships give you a choice of all the colors that the original van comes in. You will have to choose from among the usual colors for vans.

Extra modifications

In the final section of the customization process, you can pick any other modifications you want for your wheelchair accessible van. There are many other conversions that can be made to a van if your need is for more than just a ramp for a wheelchair. In this last section expect to find the following options:

  • Seats that can move through 120 degrees for a safe and easy transfer from the wheelchair to the front passenger’s or driver’s seat.
  • Special rubberized flooring that gives traction for wheelchairs.

While you choose the specifications of your wheelchair accessible van, an automatic bill is generated that depicts the price of the van and the conversions you pick.

Since best way to convert your van is to allow professionals to do job for you it is advisable to visit Better Life Mobility.

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Spiritual Retreats – Finding oneself back

With the fast pace running of life, people have become so involved in the race that they have forgotten themselves and their relationship with God. One for his own peace of mind should take upon a spiritual journey or should go to a vacation where he can ease his mind and get relaxation

The need

People have become very materialistic in nature and are just concern about the worldly gains. In this process have lost their sense of happiness and their touch with God, they are in dire need of a vacation and a spiritual calm vacation is their need. Few of the general needs for taking these vacations are: to come closer to God, to explore one’s inner self, calm mind and senses and it gives an individual chance to have his “me” time.


Like the different aspects of every different vacation undertaken by an individual, religious trip too has its own elements which make it different. The most important and basic element is finding a proper place: a place closer to nature helps one to feel fresh and to take away his mind from the city lights. Guidance is the key to a good trip, a spiritual guide can guide a person to the needed prayers, exercise and meditation skills which are necessary for attaining a peace of mind. Motivational talks are needed in order to keep the person on track and for keeping him going.

Benefits of this vacation

A spiritual trip or vacation helps a person to move out from the hustle bustle of the cities and are very is beneficial for them. There are many benefits of these trips and some of them are listed below.

  • It refreshes a person’s mind
  • The tired bones get rest
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates
  • It helps in gaining inner peace and settles the unsettled mind
  • One’s connection with God is revived

Types of retreat

Spiritual Retreats or spiritual trips should be taken at one’s convenience and wish. A yearly or six monthly retreats is a good rejuvenation vacation for a person. There are two types of retreat that an individual can undertake, these are:

  • Personal retreat: in this type of retreat a person takes on a vacation on his own good time and at his own choice of place and time. A person can go to any place quiet and near to the natures, he can take long nature walks, contemplate with his mind’s working and can meditate and pray to God as and when he wants. This type on retreat is taken in solitude and is more flexible in nature.
  • Group retreat: The religious organization around the world organize spiritual vacations or camps. In this type a person enrolls him-self or her-self into the organized programs and joins others in the camps. There is a fixed itinerary to be followed. And the timings of meditation, prayers and exercise are pre-determined. The organizers also provide spiritual gurus, lecturers and motivators who help in the grooming process of the individual. Silent hours are also allotted for people to seek into one own self.

San Luis Rey retreat center organize variety of retreat programs and events at Oceanside, California. Register and join retreat center at

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles: Ramps vs. lifts

For people with disabilities, wheelchair accessible vehicles are a necessary tool to help them get about and lead their lives as fully as possible. If you are considering buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle but have no idea where to begin, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about wheelchair accessible vehicles and other assistive and mobility equipment or simply visit Better Life Mobility.

What makes a vehicle accessible?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are named as such because they provide accessibility to people who are disabled and require a wheelchair to move around. A person can only go so far in their wheelchair. Does that mean they will have to stay within a certain area all their lives without going anywhere? Most definitely not. Wheelchair accessible vehicles allow a person to go anywhere they need to without leaving the comfort of their wheelchair.

The wheelchair can be bodily rolled in to the vehicle so that there is no need to seat the person and store the wheelchair separately. Not only is this convenient for the disabled person, but it is easier on whoever is helping them too.

Various types of mobility equipment can be installed in a minivan or van so that it becomes accessible. There are many kinds of conversions for varying needs and they are all supplied by dealerships that specialise in mobility equipment.

Mobility equipment for wheelchair accessible vehicles

  • Securements – Vehicles that are converted for mobility are usually fitted with straps and securements for wheelchairs in order to fix them in one place to prevent any injuries and make the ride more comfortable.
  • Transfer seats – Seats in the front of the vehicle can be replaced with rotating seats that allow a disabled person to sit on them directly from their wheelchair. This also enables those who have full use of their upper body to drive themselves around.

The most important equipment installed in the wheelchair accessible vehicle will be the device that allows the wheelchair to enter the van. Ramps and lifts are the two common modifications and each have their own place and merits.


A lift is an ideal conversion for a full-sized van as it requires space for itself. Lifts can be installed in a wheelchair accessible vehicle so that the person is lifted safely and smoothly in to the van. Lifts are of two basic types – hydraulic lifts meant for heavy wheelchairs and electric lifts that are designed for lighter loads.


The installation of a ramp in a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a permanent conversion as the floor of the vehicle needs to lower. Ramps can be controlled either manually or through remote control. They are a suitable installation in minivans only. You can have the ramp fitted in one of two ways. It can either slide out from the bottom of the van’s floor or it can be folded vertically against the door of the minivan.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles is a life-changing solution and you should get all the information you need to make the right choice.

Check full inventory of converted wheelchair vans from Better Life Mobility at showrooms in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Las Vegas.

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6 reasons to rent a wheelchair accessible van

For people with disabilities, wheelchair accessible vans have become a life-saver. Instead of having to look ahead to a restricted life, accessibility vans have given disabled people the opportunity to live life to the full. Companies that manufacture mobility equipment along with automobile dealerships have created a range of vehicles provide full accessibility for a wheelchair user. No more staying at home because you can’t travel in the family van. Now your van can be modified to make space for your wheelchair.

While many people might already own wheelchair accessible vans, there might be times when renting is a better option. Many dealerships that sell wheelchair accessible vans, rent a few of their models too. There are other organizations that simply provide rental wheelchair accessible vans.

Here are six reasons why a rental can be more convenient:

Vacations with your family

Vacations are that special time of the year when the entire family can get away as a whole from the daily cares of life and enjoy themselves. Whether you’re going to a new location to discover unknown places or to an old vacation spot that’s filled with memories, renting a wheelchair accessible van at the destination is more feasible than driving with your van.

Business trips

For the same reason that it’s more convenient to rent a wheelchair accessible van at your destination during holidays, you should rent a van when you’re going for a business trip too. Once you book the van, the vehicle will meet you wherever you want it to. Once you’ve already started renting with a particular agency, you can become a member and enjoy all the perks of having a fixed wheelchair accessible van rental agency.

Rent a van to try it out

Renting a wheelchair accessible van is a good idea for someone who isn’t yet completely sold on the idea of buying one. Rent a van from an agency and drive it around for a few days. You can literally try it out and see how it fits your life – whether it’s just another technological nuisance or a genuine assistive device.

Airport and railway services

Most rental agencies provide services such as pick up and drop from the airport or railway station. Just call the rental place with your travel details and the agency will ensure there’s a wheelchair accessible van awaiting your arrival.

From renting to buying

If you’ve been renting the same wheelchair accessible van, the agency might sell you the van as per used vehicles standards if you’re interested in purchasing it. If renting does lead to buying make sure you’ve got a good vehicle on your hands.




Long term rental

If you’re in a new place without the use of your usual wheelchair accessible van, many rental agencies rent their models for extended periods of time which is generally a month. In case you need the van for longer, you will have to renew your lease for another month.

See complete inventory of modified handicap vans from Better Life Mobility at showrooms across California

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Wheelchair accessible vans- Innovative mobility

WAVs are a result of the innovative automobile industry. The manufacturers modify or make vehicles keeping in mind the people with disabilities. They erase the discomfort of travelling and also ease the process of embarking and disembarking the vehicle. These cars can be either self-driven or passenger ridden.

The working

The handicap vans are modified by the authorized firms of the automobile industry. The person’s level of disability, ratio of mobility and discomfort is kept in mind while doing the modifications. A number of general modifications are:

  • Adjustable fixed or detachable ramp or platform
  • The interiors of the car are changed as required, like, in rear entry vehicles the back seats are removed and in the side entry the front seats are
  • The height of suspension is changed depending on the extra weight of the wheelchair
  • Hand driven controls like the clutch, brakes etc. are installed
  • All the safety measures and guidelines are followed.

Classification of WAV

WAVs have gained popularity because they provide an easy and hassle free ride to the handicap people. The modifications done can be largely divided into two classes: Side Entry assistance and Rear Entry assistance. The first one assists the people who want to drive the car themselves. An adjustable platform is fitted on the front floor of the van, which helps the person to sensor his wheelchair to the sitting position. It can be fitted either on the driver’s side or front passenger’s side.

In the second classification, a platform is installed in the rear end of the van and the access too is from the rear. The wheelchair can be directly uplifted into the car. This helps the handicap person to travel in comfort as it provides a lot of leg room and space.

Used and new WAVs

Depending on the needs, budget and availability one can either buy a new van or can lay his hands on a used one. Dealers in accordance of the individuals needs sell both used and new cars. A person with a limited budget can go for a used car in good condition whereas a person who wants a fully customized vehicle can buy a new car and design it as per his needs and wants. Plus point of used WAVs is: it is already tried and tested. The positive side of new WAV is: it can be modified and designed according to the concerned individual.

Online availability

Wheelchair accessible vans or WAVs are easily available online for buying. A number of dealers and sellers operate online through their websites and one can compare and choose through them for the purchase of best suited van. These websites provide all the needed guidance for buying a car, round the clock customer assistance, door step delivery, negotiations of loans and after purchase service assistance.

While buying online, one should research well and clear all his queries in mind before finalizing a car, in order, to save him from being duped.

One of those websites is Better Life Mobility – visit them and you will get all info you need to decide about wheelchair accessible minivans.

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What is funding or financing?

Funding and financing assistance is a term, which means lending money in terms of interest. This is basically a contract between the institute that lends money and the person who wants the money. People who are not financially healthy do borrow money from these institutes to purchase property, vehicles, pursue higher education, etc. When an institute lends money, in the contract it is mentioned that the person who is borrowing must return the money in the future with an interest.

Financing options for wheelchair vans

When a customer wants to purchase a vehicle, they usually opt for financing options. While purchasing wheelchair accessible vans, people can opt for financing or funding options from third party. Funding is available in terms to the following:

  1. Loans for purchasing wheelchair accessible vans

There are a number of dealers in the United States who build connections with a number of banks, financing institutes, credit unions for helping customers to obtain financing options to purchase wheelchair accessible vans. These list of networkers, are familiar about the features and conversion options available for customers to buy handicap vans. Some dealers do provide options like extended time for loans, lower interest rates, penalty for late payoff, certain amount is deducted in case of early payoff.

  1. Rebates for purchasing wheelchair accessible vans

In case the disabled person owns an ordinary van and wants to make changes so that it can be modified to wheelchair accessible van, dealers offer various rebate programs on installation of equipments to the vehicles. With this method, the customer can purchase the vehicle with the assistance of these companies.

  1. Fundraisers for purchasing wheelchair accessible vans

Fundraiser is a method by which people can raise money for the purchase of handicap vans. Any member of the family or anyone close to the owner can host for this financing option. This is a good way where any member known to the owner of a wheelchair accessible van can organize the program of raising fund so that the owner is able to buy the vehicle without a pinch in their pocket.

  1. Other funding programs

There are other funding programs as well for people who purchase wheelchair accessible vans. We do have a number of associations for veterans, local organizations, specialized groups, rehabilitation groups who offer financial support for this group of individuals who are physically challenged. These groups not only offer aid to the people but also offer financial assistance for purchasing wheelchair vans. Sometimes they offer them help by providing loan for the purchase or sometimes offer a particular sum of money or at times have ties with dealers who offer the vehicle at a subsidized rate.

The above stated funding options are for people to purchase wheelchair accessible vans by hassle free method. The funding method is a two way process, the companies get to earn interest from the people on the other hand the owners get to buy the vehicle without any financial constraints.

When acquire financial option visit Better Life Mobility Center and chose some of many Toyota Siena handicapped vans on SALE!

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All vans that are converted for disabled person or vans that are designed particularly for these people have the following stated specifications, if you need to speak and get advices from professionals click here.

  1. Raised doors

All wheelchair accessible vans have raised doors. There are a number of manufacturers in and around the United States of America; they design these vans with automatic opening and closing technique as people with disability might face issues to operate it manually by pulling and shutting. These companies give the facility of operating the doors with the help of a remote key controller or a touch button technique. This helps the disabled person to enter and exit the vehicle without the help of any other person.

  1. Lowered floors

In comparison to conventional or ordinary vans meant for abled drivers, wheelchair vans have lowered floors. The space between the rear axle and the firewall is lowered to accommodate the wheelchair in place of the driver’s seat. The space is lowered by more than 10 inches so that different types of wheelchair accesses like the ramp for the wheelchair or the lift system, etc. can be placed or used in the van. With the help of this, the person who is in a wheelchair does not have to depend upon others for help.

  1. Access


Another very important specification that wheelchair accessible vans should have is any one type of accesses. One such type is the ramp and the commonly used type is the powered lift. Ramps are usually downhill structure that is attached to the vehicle. The ramps can have motorized or manual modes of operation. The appropriate size of the ramp should be identified before one is brought. They are usually light in weight and are easily adjustable. They are available in two varieties – folded one and in floor one. Another common type is powered lift. These are engineered in such a manner that ones the wheelchair is placed in a platform, by pressing or touching a button the lift get raised up near the floor of the vehicle. If one uses a ramp, the driver can drive straight from the same wheelchair but in case a person uses a lift to rise to the van level than he has to change his position and get placed in the driver’s seat to operate the vehicle.

  1. Hand controls

One of the most important specifications in a wheelchair accessible van is hand controls. It is quite evident that a person who is physically weak or do not have too much strength to operate with the legs, need hand controls to operate the vehicle. Therefore, all manufacturers design the vans with latest and high tech features for operating the accelerator, gear, brakes, and clutch. This makes driving safe and easy.

  1. Raised roofs

Another important specification in wheelchair accessible van is raised roof which gives an additional height to the vehicle, as the space becomes less once the wheelchair is entered. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are for the disabled person and it is very important that they get comfort while riding the vehicle.

If you visit some of Better Life Mobility Centers in California you can purchase used Toyota Sienna wheelchair vans in great shape at unbeatable prices.

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Choosing funeral services-A planned last goodbye

Death is the greatest truth but coming in terms with a death of a family member or a close acquaintance is an emotionally overwhelming and sad experience. Every departed soul deserves a befitting funeral according to his or her religion and faith. Funerals are means to pay last homage and to cherish the good memories of the life of a person and to embrace and accept his or her absence.

Funeral homes and services

A business which helps people dealing with a death in one’s family and with providing the necessary funeral services is called Funeral home.

They provide services for proper funeral proceedings in the desired chapels and burial grounds. They arrange things according to the wishes of friends and family of the deceased and also look into the legal matters such as obtainment of permits or death certificates. They also arrange the cemetery options like caskets and coffins and also publish obituaries.

How to choose the services

The best way to choose a service is by comparing the different packages and cost of shopping of the items needed for the funeral. One should go through properly through the prices quoted as sometimes the prices quoted individually can be higher than the prices quoted in a package. Packages with fully covered price details are legalized. One should also keep in mind whether the funeral service provider is local or government authorized organization. Government organizations might charge less than independent firms.

Things to remember

A person has to compare and choose wisely among the various service providers. There are a number of service providers buy one should go only with the one he or she feels satisfied with. Some of the important things to consider while choosing are:

  • Where is the service providers placed? This is important to know so that you do not get duped. A faraway service provider will not know about the rules of your locality and therefore will not be able to provide you a good service
  • About the payment option: the budget and monetary transactions should be transparent and clear cut. It should be discussed in the beginning of the discussion.
  • The government regulations: the provider should be able to help one with the legal formalities needed
  • Packages: an individual should ask about the different packages which are provided by them. He can decide on the service after considering the packages.

Online funeral services

Choosing funeral services have become easier with the internet revolution. A number of service providers work online and have their own websites. They give personalized services as per the requirements and budget of an individual. They work as your funeral coordinator and organize every small detail from obituary column writing to the food and flowers.

Few of the services provided are:

  • Personalized service options
  • Checklist of things needed
  • Secured payment options like cards or cash on delivery
  • Procurement of death certificate or legal burial land papers
  • A good memorial service

These and many other services are supported by Old Mission Cemetery at Oceanside, CA. To check full list of services visit official website at

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Spiritual Retreats-A step closer to God

The vacations which a person undertakes in order to gain his inner peace and rediscover his relation with God are called spiritual retreats.

The spiritual ideas

Everything nowadays sells on packing and marketing, the idea of taking a religious trip is no better. The organizers have to keep on reinventing the camps in order to attract people into them. Few ideas for making spiritual vacations a success are:

  • Themes: they are needed to liven up the atmosphere of the camps. There can be a number of theme based on the holy books, festivals etc.
  • Free meals: Availability of free meals entices a lot of people to join these camps. People always get interested when there are some freebies on display.
  • Keep it personal: camps where there are sessions for people to gather in one place and share their stories are a great hit. People always connect with each other through personal stories.

Activities involved

The organizers or the religious Gods men develop a well-researched routine for making the trip a success. These routines can be made for the camps or can be developed for the individual who plan to take upon the journey. Some of the key activities include:

  • Yoga: this set of breathing and free hand exercises are great stress busters and are easier than meditation as one doesn’t need his full concentration in doing them. Yoga is more fun than meditation as it’s a combination of exercise and relaxed breathing.
  • Meditation: this helps in self-realization and is a very important activity. Different amount of time is designed as the meditation period and these are the calm times. Meditation hours are generally held in the mornings.
  • Religious talks: seminars, lectures or motivational talks are included in the camps. One can take the help of audio recordings talks and preaches when going for alone trips.
  • Reading: reading about self-motivating books, spirituality and God related books are encouraged.

How to plan a trip

While planning religious trips one has to keep in mind his or her limitations, budget and purpose. Management of time is the key to a good vacation. Family too plays an important role while choosing any retreat center. Many retreat centers organize different activities for different age groups in the family while some organize different timing retreats for adults and children. One should plan according to one’s convenience.

A little help from the internet

Spiritual retreats are gaining popularity with the changing pace of day to day life. People are becoming more and more restless and are losing hold over themselves and their families. A retreat is the need of the hour and one can easily plan them with the help of internet.

There are a number of religious websites available online from which one can choose depending on his requirements. The websites provide information needed and offer packages. The newsletter section keeps ones updated about any religious camp or gathering if and when held. They answer personal queries and also chalk a personalized plan out for individuals going on alone trips.

Spiritual vacations at Oceanside Mission Retreat Center are great way to renew yourself and take a break and reconnect with God.

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