12 volt freezers-easy way of keeping things cool

12 volt freezers has made carrying food and beverages for family picnics, storage of ice cream for later consumption, having cool refreshing drinks in the summer season anywhere or intake of cool beverages while driving a reality. They are small sized cooling units which can be carried around easily due to their light weight.

What are 12 volt freezers?

The built of these freezers are similar to the portable ice chests. These freezers are portable electronic/battery operated appliances and are small to medium sized. These freezers help in keeping the food and beverages cool and fresh irrespective of the outer/ room temperature. These refrigerators have an air intake port and a thermoelectric unit which keeps the interior temperature of the refrigerator lower than the ambient temperature. These appliances have a 12 volt cooler fitted in them which reduces the freezer’s temperature by circulating the formed cool air inside the freezers. The cool air which gets distributed inside the freezer is formed by the thermoelectric plate and fan fitted on the back side of the freezer. The air formed enters the interior compartments of the portable refrigerator through a duct connected to the fan.

The working

The main mechanism behind the functioning of 12v freezers are the thermoelectric units. The thermoelectric units have two plates in them which are different types of semiconductors and these together create a heat pump. One part of the thermoelectric units heats up while the other cools down, depending on the direction of the current any one side gets cool down. Aluminum fans are then attached to the units which distribute either the heat or the cold which has been already produced by the units. The fans are connected to a duct which channelizes the treated air into the insulated chambers of the freezer. Through this process the temperature inside the freezers can be lowered up to several degrees than the outside resident temperature. The entire cycle of heat production of the thermoelectric units are done through switching on and off the power plug.

Its advantages

Portable freezers can be carried around with oneself and in cars for after use cool refreshments, beverages and food items and carrying these freezers have many advantages. Some of the advantages of these freezers are listed below:

  • These freezers are light weighted and thus easy to carry around.
  • They are simple to use and very dependable.
  • They consume less amount of electricity.


Like every other product available in the market, the 12volt freezers too have their share of critics along with their share of admirers. One of the biggest disadvantages of these is that the food items stored inside take a long time to get cold or frozen. So it is advisable to cool the food items beforehand in bigger refrigerators and then store them in 12v freezers whose temperature should be set at minimum degrees. Another disadvantage faced by the people using these freezers is the non-availability of ice. One cannot make ice in 12 volt coolers.

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Wheelchair accessible vans and their sellers

The number of vehicles sold every year is very high. Every disabled person look for buying one for himself or herself as per his needs and budgets. There are few things one should keep in mind while surveying the market for buying them.

Manufacturers and dealers

With many car companies venturing in to the handicap vehicles manufacturing, the product quality has become better. There is a competition between the companies for better sales and by understanding the customer’s preferences they get to know which product is in high demand and which is not. With the coming of internet, manufacturers and dealers function online and can cater to a wider range of buyers. They also buy used vehicles for the people at good price and give full trade in value of the car.

Dealers sell both used and new cars. One should buy vehicles only from the trusted and authorized dealers to avoid forgery.

Certification of dealers

Mobility assisted vehicles need a special certificate for road worthiness. Special markings need to be put on the vehicles for plying them on the road. Not all dealers can sell or buy handicap vehicles. An individual should buy his or her vehicles from an authorized dealer. The dealers have to be certified legally by the society of disabled. When a person deals with a certified dealer, he or she is convinced of that dealer’s reputation, integrity and workmanship through the previous customers and testimonials.

Certified consultants

Handicap vehicles need special attentions than normal vehicles. The workings of these vehicles are different from the normal vehicles due to the addition of the special driving aids. A person has to be trained and well equipped about the vehicle workings. Therefore trained consultants are needed to be consulted. A proper and certified consultant can give unbiased information about the various vehicles and their pros and cons. They can guide a person towards the right vehicle to buy. They should be able to give unadulterated time to the person interested, hear his or her case and needs and offer the right solutions. The consultants should be properly qualified and factory trained to be able to do justice.

Certified technicians

The mechanisms of wheelchair accessible vans are different from usual cars and special attention is given to the workings of these vehicles to make the ride convenient and comfortable for the people in wheelchair. These vehicle technicians are specially trained by the factories to be able to work on them. The modifications include hand controls, electric powered driving controls, ramps and lifts, remote sensor adjustable wheelchair seats, foldable seats or seat tie downs. They have a specific controlling and should be tested before selling. The technicians look into their proper workings and run a thorough inspection to check if all the parts meet the legal standards. They help the people to understand how to use and manage the controls. They not only look into the workings before selling but also provide services to the vehicle post selling.

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Medical Freezers and Refrigerators

Medical freezers and medical refrigerators are used for medical purpose, their temperature can go down to -150 degree, -120 degree, -86 degree to – 20 degree, -8 degree etc and ranges from ultra low, deep to normal freezers.

Deep freezers

This type of refrigerators and freezers are designed and use best quality freezing techniques to meet the standard of performance of the medical industry. They have controlled temperature regulation to fulfill the storage needs of the biotech, pharmacy, and clinical applications. The temperature cannot be compromised plus they have to be one of the finest construction and reliable as they are used purely for medical purpose.

Temperature selection choices

The temperature in the deep freezers varies with the demand but the most common demanded temperature ranges are:

  • -20 degree
  • -30 degree
  • -40 degree
  • -50 degree
  • -60 degree
  • -70 degree
  • -80 degree

And so on… according to the needs raised by the medical industry.

Exclusive Standard of the freezers

Since the freezers are used for typical medical and biotech industry they have to meet certain set standards, some of them are:

  • Dependability
  • Temperature control
  • Low maintenance and value
  • Holdover capability
  • Rapid recovery
  • Fast pull down
  • Homogeneity
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Extended choice of control options and process

Procedure for temperature monitoring

Freezers are used to store vaccines, blood, pharmaceuticals and other medical products, all this require proper instructions and procedure.

  • Temperature must be documented by the medical staff at least twice a day.
  • Do not open the freezer again and again.
  • Put an alarm for high and low temperatures.
  • At the time of recording, review the min and max temperature and note the temperature range and accordingly set the thermometer.
  • Maintain the temperature of the freezer according to the manufacture requirement
  • All the freezers must be on the emergency generator system.
  • Store the medical freezer records along with other medical records for further monitoring.
  • Never store the products in dormitory style, stability issues can occur.
  • The size of the freezer should be big enough to store the supply of one year.
  • The necessary requirements which must be there in the freezer are they must have auto defrost facility and circulation fan to promote the flow of air.
  • To know the stored medicines are effective and safe check the history
  • You can place the plastic trays inside the refrigerator to store vaccines.
    • But keep in mind to keep the vaccines trays at least 2 to 3 inches away from the wall.
    • Do not keep any tray on the floor level.
    • Do not keep block the air circulation path or store anything directly under the vent.
    • After 24 hours of installing download the data of logger and continue to monitor for next 24 hours.
    • If the temperature stables not between the desired temperature then make the necessary adjustments

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Enjoy the Benefits of Retreats with California Missions

Experience teach that setting aside a few days for retreat is the greatest favor you can do to yourself. Know that it is an investment into every aspect of your life. Following are some of the benefits retreats offer.

  1. It transforms your life

If you are someone who goes for a retreat on a regular basis, you will definitely know one thing; it is a life changing experience. It allows you to connect with your true self. You understand what brings you happiness. Your mind will also come up with ideas to maintain such thoughts even in storms in life.

  1. It refreshes and heals

People take a break only when they find themselves on the brink of collapsing. And, they find it difficult to stay free from tension even during their vacations. A retreat refreshes one’s mind and helps a person connect with God and oneself. Quite naturally, you get healed.

  1. Your dining habits improve

It is common knowledge that a busy schedule is sure to have a negative impact on one’s health. You start preferring fast food to home-made meals due to lack of time. During a retreat, you are offered a healthy meal plan. Quite naturally, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You will also get a chance to learn easy-to-prepare delicacies. And, when you go home, you are sure to follow the diet at least for a few months. The effect you notice on the entire family will prompt you to maintain the routine.

  1. You get connected with nature

Almost all the renowned retreat centers in the world are located in scenic areas. As a result, you get an opportunity to get connected with nature. Spending some time in the balcony of your room enjoying a spectacular view of the mountains or the sea below is definitely a refreshing experience.

California Missions: Old Mission San Luis Rey

The desire to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above will definitely take you to Old Mission San Luis Rey. Known as the “King of Missions,” it is the largest in the chain of twenty-one such establishments. The center owned and operated by Franciscan friars stay open all through the year. It offers retreats of all kinds and allows you to enjoy as much as you want in the abode of nature. The interpreted museum helps you get a glimpse into the past of the Mission. And, the church allows you to spend some time alone with God. Get benefited from the many educational and spiritual programs organized here. Create a private retreat for yourself or take your family for a spiritual journey. Spiritual direction is available here upon request. Just make sure that you take a final decision only after contacting the administration in advance. The Franciscan friars and other staff here do everything they can to ensure you get the maximum from the retreats offered here.

Welcome to Old Mission San Luis Rey. You are sure to cherish the time spent in the Largest among California Missions all your life!

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Appliances useful for meeting medical needs

The medical freezer is the most vital appliance for the medical facilities. In this article we would talk about the medical freezer in details. It is important to know that the freezers are the need of the modern world today. More and more hospitals are taking to this equipment as these come with good quality and serve varied purposes.

This equipment is preferred because:

  1. Space in medical facilities is less. So, a compact freezer could be procured in such cases. A good thing about the equipment is that these are available in varied shapes, sizes and others.
  2. Apart from the compact size, the medical fridge is the solution when the medical areas need a reversible door in a freezer due to space constraint.

Apart from the size and shape, the freezer must be purchased with considerations like:

  1. The equipment must be set at lower temperatures than the average household ones. High quality medical ones need to be set between -15 degrees to 40 degrees.
  2. While the freezer is kept in the hospital, the point of security should be considered. Security lock on the door of the fridge is necessary. It is good to know that the standard medical fridges are made with lock and keys standard feature.
  3. Other features that are important in the freezer are the one of stable temperature, recessed handle, vaccines and much more.

The requirements of medical freezers are there in hospitals and others because:

  1. These are required for storing the vaccines, blood plasma and other enzymes that are sensitive to temperature. A point about these enzymes is that these get destroyed if these are not kept in a suitable temperature.
  2. The freezers are preferred because they can keep objects safely. These provide appropriate environment and could keep the medical things safe owing to minimum fluctuations. Also, these are easy to operate and set up.

If you have never bought a medical fridge and you are planning to buy one, then you must know that the common features in the equipment are:

  1. These are Approved by ETL Sanitary
  2. These are UL listed
  3. They have the feature of thermostat control
  4. They are free from frost
  5. There is the feature of automatic defrost
  6. These can maintain at least -20 degree Celsius temperature

In the article we have talked of the medical freezers. The thing that should be clear about them is that these suit all those places that have medical facilities. These are found as chest freezers and also as the freezer with front doors. So, if you are looking to set up a medical unit then you must install the freeze for sure.

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Mobility scooters and their batteries

Scooters for disabled come in various sizes and numbers of wheels. The vehicle strength and sturdiness depends on the numbers of wheels. These vehicles ease the travel woes of the disabled people and are reliable in nature. The smallest of all are the two wheel mobility aided scooters, which are collapsible and portable to handle. They can be dismantled and transported from one place to the other. The user might find few problems while operating these mobility based scooters.

Problem with portable scooters-battery related

These are two wheel driven light scooters, which can be dismantled when not in use. Due to its dismantling nature, sometimes it creates troubles while operating it or while switching it on. One of the reasons why the scooter doesn’t start even though the battery is fully charged is because the battery is not connected or placed properly. This problem can be solved by an individual by checking its correct placing position in the base of the scooter. The batteries which are clip type, both the clips should be connected properly to the battery terminal for smooth running of the vehicle.

Problem with portable scooters-harness related

The portable scooters need to be assembled after every dismantling. They are easily transferable in transportation services due to their dismantling option. While rearranging, sometimes the harness which connects the front to the rear part of the scooter may get dislodged and this creates trouble while using the scooter for mobility. An individual should check this connection and fit it properly between the front and the rear for trouble free riding of the handicap scooter.

Scooters for disabled and their batteries

Most of the problems faced by the owners of disability-aided scooters are battery related problems. In instances where the scooter does not run smoothly or runs slowly even if the full throttle is pressed, the problem may lie with the charge of the battery. One should charge the battery fully to ensure smooth running of their vehicle. There are many instances where the battery meter dips very low when the throttle is pressed. This also happens due to low battery. An individual should charge the scooter’s battery fully before operating it. Sometimes the battery meter dips due to the over use of the scooter’s batteries. Due to the use over a long period of time, the batteries might be nearing their end and they should be tested with load for strength.

Problems with circuit breaker

The general factor which ensures the smooth running of the mobility scooters are their batteries. All the mechanisms and machine circuit system is connected to the battery. If a scooter’s circuit breaker trips frequently then the problem lies with the batteries of the scooter. In this case, one has to charge the scooter’s batteries more often. This problem occurs if the batteries are old or have been used for a long time. The solution to this problem is to have a loaded test for strength. This is done by the mechanics or the service centre of the company from which the scooter is bought.

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Common Asked FAQs On Hand Controls By Drivers With Disabilities And The Driver’s Rehabilitation Specialist

Short note on hand controls

Hand controls are the controlling equipment like accelerator, brake, clutch, gear, wheel, indicators etc. that are used by physically impaired drivers in their vehicles. If a driver is suffering from disability in the legs, knees and feet, hand controls are used by them to make driving safe and comfortable. Hand controls basically mean performing the controls with the hands. Hand controls can be performed by moving a joystick or a lever. The movements could be pushing forward and downward, or upward and backward, twisting and turning, pulling and rocking, etc. Hand controls can be placed on any side of the steering wheel depending on the comfort zone of the driver. With this technique or the latest innovation, drivers with disability no longer feel driving to be a barrier. They can move around with comfort, ease and freedom.

How can a disability driver get his vehicle equipped with the hand controls?

There are a number of centers with specialized and trained professional like Guidosimplex USA who perform a number of evaluations to identify which equipment is the best for the driver to drive with ease, safety, comfort and flexibility. Therefore the best person who can get a disability driver’s vehicle equipped with the hand controls is a driver’s rehab specialist. The tasks that they perform are:

  • Firstly, he will identify the issue with the impaired driver.
  • Secondly, he will advise on what type of equipment should be preferred by the driver.
  • Thirdly, he will assess on which seating arrangement the driver should opt for.
  • Fourthly, he will suggest on whether to use controls on the left hand side of the steering wheel or the right hand side.
  • Lastly, he will suggest on the particular type of hand control to be such as the push/pull, the push/ twist, the push/rock, the push/ right angle, etc.

FAQs on hand controls by drivers with disabilities

Some of the most common FAQs on hand controls which each and every driver has on their mind before they purchase a vehicle that is equipped with the hand controls are stated below:

  1. For whom are hand controls made?
  2. Is there easy and flexibility in using hand controls?
  3. Which vehicles can be equipped with hand controls?
  4. Can the installation of the various hand controls be done without an expert?
  5. Is there flexibility for any standard user to drive with ease and comfort apart from an impaired driver?
  6. What are the basic differences between a primary controller and a secondary controller?
  7. Is there a necessity to qualify the driver mobility test before driving such a vehicle?
  8. Which type of transmission should be preferred automatic or manual?
  9. What would be the difference if an old vehicle is transformed; in comparison to the one that already has hand control facilities?
  10. Is there an option where the vehicle can be picked up from the doorstep for installation?

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California missions -The beginning

California missions -The beginning

The missions were set up by the missionaries of Spain. The emperor of Spain sent a group of Christian religion followers and preachers to the lands of America with the motive of spreading Christianity and for civilizing the natives of the country. They wanted these conversions and civilizations as the Spanish had the ulterior motive of colonizing these areas under them. With this motive, they built the first mission in 1769 and went on to construct 20 more mission buildings along the coastal areas of the country.

First mission built

The first mission built by the Spanish missionaries was Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala. It was after this mission that the present day San Diego province of California is named. It was founded by the missionaries on July 16, 1769. The areas surrounding the mission were called San Diego after the catholic priest Saint Didacus. This church has been declared by the government of the State as a national historical landmark.

Goals of the mission

The goal of the mission was to educate and civilize the native people living in the surrounding areas of the mission. The education was done in Spanish and English. The main aims of the mission were to convert the natives into Christianity and make the areas colonies of Spain. The mission supported the adjourning land to the church and also took the natives of that area under them. The goal of the mission was to make the natives self sufficient people. The people of the area were made to settle along the adjourning areas of the church. The areas were named San Diego. Their land, agricultural production, and their livestock etc were all under the name of the church and belonged to the church. The major crops produced in San Diego were wheat, wine, barley beans etc, where as cattle rearing included horses, cows and sheep.

Mission industries

The missionaries wanted to uplift the people of Alta California and wanted to make them civilized beings. In order to do so, they came up with many industries and taught them many skills through these industries, such as, farming, cultivation, animal rearing, constructional work, and land tilling. They also taught the womenfolk stitching, knitting, and pottery etc., along with educating the whole race. They established a manual training school in the compounds of the mission where the people were taught agricultural and animal husbandry skills along with art of using machines.

Importance of bell towers

The chapel of the first mission had a bell tower constructed near the chapel. The mission bell towers had five bells attached to it. Bell towers are usually a tall tower like structure with a bell fitted in the center of the top or at the side walls of the tower. The bell was rung with the help of a long rope attached to it. They formed the distinctive feature of California missions. These bells formed an important part of the people’s day to day life as they were rung to summon the people up. They were rung during the meal times, during religious services. The ringing of bell was associated with work timings, births or funerals in the areas.

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles-funds and insurance

Disabled people need wheelchair accessible vehicles for their travelling purposes. These vehicles add comfort to their travels and are gaining popularity amongst them. The only glitch one may find while buying them is their pricings. These can be solved with the help of financial assistance and proper insurance.

Banking and rebates

The WAV dealers have tie ups with the banks through which they can help the disabled customers to get easy loans. They provide bank representatives who work with the customer to decide the loans, required interest rates, the repayment timings and the other banking facilities. While obtaining a vehicle the buyer has made twenty percent of the entire payment and the rest is paid by the bank as a loan. All the paperwork is done by the representative and the buyer doesn’t have to take the pain of running around the banks.

The manufacturers also sell the handicap vehicles at a rebated rate for a limited period of time. They do so under various schemes and offers. The rebated price of the vehicle is obtained by cutting the cost of production. The quality of the product doesn’t suffer but the number of modifications might be less. Sometimes the price of the modification parts is reduced too. The dealers give rebates to the buyers against their selling price.

Auctions and donations

There are a number of government run and private organizations who work for the rehabilitation of the disabled people. They help the disabled people who are in a need to buy wheelchair adaptable vehicle. They organize fundraisers and auctions which generates money and they donate this money to the person in need. Other than organizations, an individual too can organize a fundraiser on his own. Government gives the disabled person money through grants which need not be returned, many philanthropists and rich society clubs make donations for the procurement of these vehicles.

Insurance policies

Insurance policies too can be made in order to protect the disabled person to save himself from incurring damage loss of the handicap vehicle. Through the policy the person is insured against and loss or damage of the vehicle and its parts. Also insures one against cases of theft and also protects one against third party liabilities. These policies cover the medical expenses which a person incurs during accident cases. But it doesn’t cover drunken driving and own fault damages.

Extra coverage

The policies made for wheelchair accessible vehicles also repay the money needed for full replacement of vehicle within two years of its registration in case of accidental damage beyond repair and theft cases. If a person with disability do not make any claim for the year, than he gets a good discount over the premium to be paid. They also offer to cover for additional modification against the market value. In case of vehicle repair time, they cover the conveyance of the people done via public transports. One has to keep in mind that they do not pay for extra modifications which a person does after the policy is made.

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Tips to buy water coolers

Water coolers have become a part of people’s daily life and people depend on them fully for fulfilling their need of water consumption.

Features of water coolers

Water coolers are mostly equipped with the following features which make the water drinking experience pleasure and also help the people to conveniently handle the device. Through these features people can enjoy safe drinking water both cool and hot drinking water. The features are:

  • Many water coolers come with inbuilt storage compartments for disposal cups which makes the drinking process easy as one does not have to search for cups or glasses nor does they feel skeptical of drinking from used glasses or cups.
  • The water coolers come with detachable drip tray which helps in cleaning the water cooler.
  • They have adjustable thermostat which helps in saving the energy.
  • The coolers also have indicator lights which indicate the people when the water from the cooler is ready for dispensing.

Maintenance of water coolers

Water coolers need low maintenance but the important thing to keep in mind is to keep the dispensing tap area clean. Water coolers come with a drip tray which can be removed and cleaned. The filtration units of the water coolers can be cleaned by changing filters and thorough yearly check-up. If the water supply has a lot of minerals in it then the coolers can be cleaned by rinsing it thoroughly with water. The water coolers come with drainage pipes through which the access water or wastage water can be removed.

Cost of water coolers

The cost of water coolers varies depending on their sizes, shapes, models, filtration method etc. the cost of bottle water coolers are less than bottle-less water coolers as the mechanism used in bottled water coolers are simpler than bottle-less water coolers. Bottled water coolers do not need electricity or purification methods as the water bottles are packaged drinking water which is pre-processed. Hence the cost of the water cooler device is low, but on the flip side the cost of buying the packaged bottles makes the coolers costly. Bottle-less water cooler are expensive in nature as they require electricity and filtration methods for providing safe drinking water, the cost of packaged bottles are not required in them. The maintenance cost of bottled coolers are low than bottle-less coolers but bottom-less coolers prove cost effective in longer run. Both has their plus points and negative points and people should choose between them depending on their usability.

Where to buy from

There are many manufacturers and dealers, like Cooler-Store.com who build and sell water coolers, they operate through both market and online stores. Buying online has many advantages as people can compare between the various models and companies, check for any kind of discount or instalment schemes and each online store has their customer care services through which people can clear any kind of doubts. The online sellers also have representatives who demonstrate and help in the installation of the water coolers, both bottled and bottle-less. The water coolers comes with warranty period and with all needed documentations.

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