Stair Lifts for Handicapped Persons: Buying One

The desire to buy a stair lift is not difficult to fulfill at present. However, it does not imply that you can simply go to a store and order one. For some, the process may appear time-consuming. The company of your choice will come and talk to you. It would want to know how you will use the lift. It will then take the measurements of your stairs. You may get a quote or a lift as per your requirements. Still, remembering the tips given below will help you make a wise choice.

Shopping for stair lifts for handicapped persons

Begin your attempts to acquire an excellent-quality stair lift by contacting as many dealers or companies as possible. Make sure that the dealer you choose is not limited to certain types of stair lifts. This will restrict your freedom to choose the one you want. You can look for classified ads in your local newspaper or search on Google for information in the matter. Approach a dealer with a good reputation in the market. Don’t be negligent or be satisfied with just two or three manufacturers; the price varies greatly among different companies. Following are the other factors you should take into account when making a purchase.

  1. The type and size

There exists two types of stairs; straight and curbed. This is the concern you should address before even embarking upon a search online for reputed dealers. A lift designed for straight stairs will not be able to turn or move around across landing. It simply travels down or up. A curved lift on the other hand turns easily; you would have no difficulty to navigate through curbs and corners. However, it may cost a bit more when compared to the other variant. Enquire about the installation of rails.

  1. Electric and battery-operated

The next choice available is between electric and battery operated lift. If you prefer a quiet travel, the DC or battery-operated lift may be the one for you. It generally gets charged at the base. Certain models allow you to recharge the lift wherever you want, even on the track. This is generally being preferred to its AC or electric variant; you can move around even when there is no power. Know what you want and choose a model as per your requirements.

  1. Your physical condition

Go for a model designed in accordance with your specific requirements. If yours is a debilitating disease, you may have to think long-term when making a purchase. For instance, you may be able to bend your knees to sit on a lift carriage or chair at the moment. This may not be possible after a few years. In such a situation, go for a lift which facilitates wheelchairs.

The lift should not consume the entire stair. This will cause trouble for the others who may use the stairs. Remember these tips, do your own research and choose one from the vast array of options in stair lifts for handicapped persons.

Take opportunity and go to and visit lift section on website and choose stair lift that perfectly fits your home requirements.

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General Information About Disability And Hand Control

What is Disability?

Disability is also known as impairment. Any physical, mental, emotional or sensory impairment in a person is called disability. Sometimes people are born with disabilities right from their birth, while with some it might occur due to any accidents or stroke, etc. There are different types of disabilities that can occur to people such as sensory, mental, physical or emotional. The type that is discussed below is physical disability. In this PR we will mention just some of them, but if you want to know more feel free to visit Better Life Mobility Centers.

What is Physical Disability?

Physical disability refers to impairment that is the result of any physical disorder in the functional body parts such as knees, hands, legs, limbs or bones. This type of disability usually takes place from birth or can happen due to injuries, accidents, strokes, etc. Sometimes this type of disability can be cured if treated at the earliest, whereas most of the time it lasts for a lifetime.

What is meant by Hand Controls?

In simple words, hand control means manually functioning of the clutch, brake and accelerator in a vehicle. This type of controlling technique is used by drivers who do not have the strength in their legs, feet or knees.

A rod is linked to the end of the brake, clutch and accelerator pedals. This rod is attached in such a manner that pushing, twisting, pulling and moving the handle of the controls helps in the functionality of the brakes, clutch and accelerator pedals. Hand controls are usually placed on either side of the wheel of the steering or on the left hand side of the driver’s seat, just next to gear control. With the help of this technique in vehicle both small and big ones, physically impaired drivers get the freedom and comfort to drive on roads safely with any aid or without depending on any other person. This is a driving solution which gives ease and comfort in driving and also provides overall safety for the driver and vehicle.

Hand controls can be customized in any regular vehicle or vehicles with these specialised techniques are also available for users. Customizing hand controls in vehicles helps to operate and control the vehicle while driving with ease for both physically impaired and other drivers. Whereas, having to adapt to these controls can sometimes be tiresome job.

What are the different types of Hand Controls?

Along with power steering, operation of vehicles can be comfortable and easy for people, who suffer from physical disabilities in their legs and knees. Few types of hand controls that are available for physical impaired drivers are:

  1. Functionality of brake pedal and accelerator pedal with the help of push and twist control with hands.
  2. Also controlling the brake and accelerator pedals with hand, with the help of push and angle control.
  3. Functionality of brake pedal and accelerator pedal with the help of push and pull control with hands.
  4. Another type of hand control that is available is push and rock control to operate the brake and accelerator pedal with the hand.

Go to hand controls website portion at Better Life Mobility and choose some of Guidosimplex hand controls. Freedom is near you – visit or call 888 540 8267.

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Heavy duty Mobility Scooters: Some Safety Tips

A disability bike is undoubtedly a great blessing. It offers freedom of movement for those unable to walk on their own. But, keep in mind that when you decide to own a heavy duty disability scooter, you choose to remain loyal to the Highway Code of the country. This understanding will help you eliminate accidents. Following are some helpful insights in this regard.

Ensuring utmost safety for heavy duty mobility scooters

Do the following to make sure that your scooter stays safe from accidents. If you need more information’s regarding this topics visit Better Life Mobility – Disability Blog and read regularly.

  1. Determine the type of vehicle

The first thing you should do before taking your scooter onto the road is determining its classification. See to it that the vehicle is a heavy-duty one designed to be driven on public highway. It should have a headlight, mirror and all the other features meant for a class 3 bike. You should also take care to stay visible all the time you are travelling.

  1. Obey all rules for pedestrians

Know that the Highway Code considers mobility scooter as a pedestrian. For this reason, you should obey all the traffic rules and regulations in place for pedestrians. Try to stay on the sideway as much as possible. If it is not available, drive on the leftmost part of the road. The same applies to crossing it. Look for crosswalk and if it is not there, do it after ensuring that there are no approaching vehicles. And, don’t ignore passers—by or other motorists on the way. Make eye contact with them so that they may allow you to go by.

  1. Be careful when buying

When making a purchase, go for a model which disassembles for ease of transportation. Enquire about the same to your vendor and get an assurance from your expert. The practical approach is to contact your local authority. Doing this will help you understand if there is any restrictions on the type of scooter you can use on the road.

  1. Be aware of the parking rules

Know that all the rules for parking a car also apply to mobility scooters. If you leave the vehicle on the footpath for some time, take care to ensure that it does not cause trouble for the pedestrians. It should not remain hidden from view.

  1. Go for safety tests

Various organizations may conduct safety tests for the products they offer. Try to attend them. They would help you assess your capabilities. The professionals will advise you on how to safely navigate even on a busy street.

Some additional tips

  • Take care to wear your seat belt all the time you are on the scooter
  • When travelling at night, wear light-colored dress. The device should have all the features like reflectors to increase visibility.

You should also attach a flag to the vehicle above your head. This will make sure that other motorists are able to see you from a distance.

Spend for heavy duty mobility scooters and stay safe on the road. Your body will thank you for the efforts made! Go to and inform yourself about new mobility scooters from Pride mobility. Get detailed info at mobility products online store.

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Why Offer Remote IT Support?

A company offering only onsite support will definitely feel isolated in this rat race for affordability, quick turnaround and excellence of quality. If yours is a small business belonging to this category, it is high time that you expand and include remote support. It will give you the following benefits.

Benefits of remote IT support

Offering remote support is beneficial both for your business and for your personal life. Here are some of the advantages it presents.

  1. You get paid for the task completed

Onsite support requires you to travel to your client’s home or office. You can include the same in the total cost of service. But, you may have to make adjustments so as to satisfy your customer. This never happens in remote support. You assist your client from your own home. It implies that you can reduce service charges. This is sure to attract more customers.

  1. You eliminate distractions

If yours is an onsite business, you may be doing something when a customer calls and request for support. This prompts you to spring into action. You leave the current work unfinished, gets into a car and then drive on to your client’s location. When the task is completed, you jump back into the car, drives back and start where you left off. This is going to be a real strain for your brain. Remote support relieves you from this task. Just set aside a specific time to attend calls, advertise the same on your website; done. Doing this will helps you give your hundred percent to the job at hand.

  1. It increases efficiency

As an experienced service person, you know how hard it is to wait and watch when a program loads on your client’s computer. When doing the same remotely, you are in your own office. This allows you to make good use of the time. You can attend to someone else’s trouble or complete your own task. Quite naturally, your revenue increases and your business expands.

  1. You protect the environment

When you are not driving, your vehicle does not contribute to the overall emission of greenhouse gases. This may help you earn tax credits. An eco-friendly establishment will attract more customers.

  1. You are able to do more research

You may be an expert in your field. But, that does not mean that you will easily handle all the issues you may come across. Expressing surprise and doing research on Google in front of the client is not a good sign. When you offer remote support, an unknown issue becomes an opportunity to learn something new. You just have to ask Google for an answer for the new trouble you found on your client’s system.

Remote IT support also eliminates geographical boundaries for your business. This is something an “onsite service only” company will never attain. However, this does not mean that you can bid farewell to your offline services. Staying only in a virtual space will limit your scope; there are certain things which require direct intervention.

Visit Secure Networks ITC San Diego, CA IT firm and check how computer consultants can help growth of your business. Go to and choose support you need.

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4 Tips for natural Hair Care

Protein is the most important component of hair. For this reason, maintaining a healthy diet is the easiest way to take good care obit. Still, the insights given below too will help you maintain your hair healthy and shiny.

Tips for natural hair care

The first thing to do to ensure a long life for anything is keeping it neat and clean. Your hair is not an exception. Wash it once a day. But, do not go overboard. Washing it too often can make it dry and brittle. Use a good-quality organic shampoo designed for your type of hair. And, do not leave out conditioners from your hair care routine. Make sure that the one you use is ideal for you. The recommended option is to condition your hair whenever you shampoo it. Deep-conditioning it at regular intervals too will help a lot in this regard. Use a home-made product for the purpose.

Here are some more helpful tips.

  1. Stay safe from dryers and straighteners

Electronic hair dryers and straighteners are quite popular nowadays. But, know that these may cause permanent damage to it especially if it is quite dry in nature. If you feel doubtful of the efficacy of a device to dry your hair, imagine yourself doing it for your skin. You will never dare to use heat to dry your face. If you happen to swim in chlorinated water, take care to wash it using fresh water when you come home. You should also keep in mind that summer is the time when your hair needs utmost protection. Wear a cap when going to the beach when the atmosphere is excessively hot and humid.

  1. Don’t oil your hair too often

This advice applies to those with oily hair. Your body produces the required amount of oil for your hair. You just have to regulate it. There are numerous organic products to help you get rid of the excess of oil on your hair. The easiest way is to clean your scalp every now and then. You should also drink plenty of water; eight glasses per day. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  1. Apply olive oil

Winter too is a season when your hair may ask for extra protection. Applying olive oil is the best form of covering you can give. Massage your scalp and hair with it. Don’t use too much; you just want to saturate the hair. Keep it covered for some time and wash. See your hair after this treatment, it would look soft and healthy.

  1. Stay alert

You may be doing your best to take good hair of your hair. But, know that certain medical conditions too can lead to loss of hair and similar issues. If all your attempts to maintain your hair using natural products fail, consult a doctor. The physician will screen your scalp and hair to rule out the possibility of any underlying health trouble.

Go for natural hair care; it will make you look healthy and fresh. Visit and choose some of Marbo Hair Collection products like activator, lotion and shampoo. No drugs and side effects – Marbo Hair.

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4 Wheel Mobility Scooter: Safety Tips

A disability scooter allows its user to move around independently. But, using it outside your home may cause slight inconveniences. Still, you don’t have to feel concerned; taking a few small measures would sort out the issue.

Safety tips for a 4 wheel mobility scooter

Do the following to make sure that you stay safe on the road on a disability bike.

  1. Learn the instructions in the product documentation

Understand that user manual is your best friend when it comes to taking care of your constant companion. It contains instructions on driving on tough terrains and navigating through bumps. Yours may be a heavy-duty model designed for use on uneven surfaces. If you are someone who travels a lot, spend for a 4-wheeler.

  1. Be careful with the controls

Mobility scooters designed for the elderly would have some sort of finger-acceleration mechanism to activate the system. The features or the way you can regulate the speed and other functions may vary based on the model you choose. Whatever is your choice, repairing controls is sure to be a strain on your budget. This happens because most of the companies manufacture the parts for their products on their own. Take good care of them.

  1. Familiarize yourself with all the switches

When buying a scooter, explore the device with the user manual in hand. Learn the switches and how to maneuver it in tight spaces. Don’t take it onto the road until you feel confident that you can regulate the vehicle in the way you want.

  1. Do not consume alcohol

Don’t consume alcohol when riding on a mobility scooter. Doing the same may impair your ability to respond to emergency situations. The same applies to prescription medications. When consulting a doctor for any issue you face, discuss your requirements. The expert may prescribe a treatment accordingly.

  1. Plan in advance

Before making a trip, spend the time to plan the routes in advance. A shortcut may not be the best route for your scooter. The steep slopes and rough terrain may make it impossible for you to drive around. Planning in advance will help you choose a road your scooter can handle.

  1. Obey the rules for pedestrians

When riding on your scooter, make sure that you follow all the rules and guidelines meant for pedestrians. Do not ever deny anyone the right of payment. Know that the maximum speed limit allowed on payment is 4MPH. This too may appear to be too fast when riding alongside others.

  1. Stay visible all the time

Even when enjoying your freedom, don’t forget the fact that yours is the smallest of the vehicles roaming around. For this reason, take all measures to ensure that you remain visible to other motorists all the time. Attach a flag to the device; it should stay above your head. Finally, don’t forget about the required lighting to travel at night.

Follow these tips; protect both your 4 wheel mobility scooter and those around you from accidents.

More tips on buying and maintaining medical scooter can be found at this disability blog. If you want to buy some of Pride 3 or 4 wheel scooters just visit this page.

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Under counter Freezers: Buying One

The decision to buy a freezer is a huge one because you have to take numerous things into account when planning it. The space available, the environment and the design which goes well with the décor of your kitchen are a few among them. If lack of space is the trouble you are facing, an under counter freezer is the best choice. The options available are sure to confuse you. Keep certain basic things in mind and you will make educated choices.

Shopping for under counter freezers

As mentioned above, an under counter freezer is the best choice for those living in small apartments. The waist-high appliance will operate quietly in your kitchen under the counter you will be working without causing even the slightest inconvenience. The pointers given below will make sure that you are getting the perfect model.

  1. Determine the size

Under counter freezer units are available in the size you want. Measure the area where you want to place the appliance and take it to the dealer. The expert will help you locate a model with the clearance space required. This is a must for the appliance to function smoothly for a long time. You can also do a research online; read the size charts available.

  1. Decide the features you want

Following are the features generally found in under counter units.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Casters at its bottom
  • Magnetic seals to ensure that the items inside stay fresh

There are also numerous additional features. Do your own homework and explore the options available for you.

  1. Go for a multi-purpose unit

The newer models available to buy in the market at present are both under counter and free-standing unit. Buying such an appliance is definitely a good investment. It will come handy in a party where you need to keep a few drinks to serve everyone in the group.

  1. Prefer front-breathing units to their other variants

When shopping for an under counter freezer, go only for a front-breathing model. This is a must because it is being placed in a confined space.

Other factors to consider

Make sure that the design goes well with your personal preferences and requirements. Power supply is another concern you should address when installing an under counter unit. Most of the time, the available source of power in your home will be enough. But, it is always recommended that you wire the appliance directly through a breaker box. Begin the installation only after checking the voltage your choice model requires. If it needs more electricity like a washing machine, you would need to make specific arrangements for the same.


Shopping for under counter freezers is not a herculean task as it may appear. You just have to keep the points given above in mind. Getting recommendations from your friends and family members too is an option worth trying. Finally, take good care of your freezer. Negligence here may make you regret the choice made within no time.

Add freezer to your home, office or restaurant bought at Cooler Direct. Summit and other world reputable brands of under counter freezers can be ordered at this online shop.

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Tool kits for Computer Repair: Must-have Software for a Technician

It is always said; computer technicians are as good as the tools they possess. Experiences inform us that this is true to a great extent. Have these awesome applications at hand and you will succeed as a service person.

Tool kits for computer repair: Essential software

If you are a technician or planning to become one, having the following software tools would work in your favor.

  1. Darik’s Boot and Nuke

This tool is designed for those who want to do an emergency sanitization on their client’s computer. It erases everything on a hard drive and enters random data onto it. This makes it impossible for anyone to retrieve the same even if he/she feels the need. Ask your client to back-up important data so that the person may not regret the decision.

  1. PC Wizard

A proper diagnosis asks for a thorough understanding of the interior of a computer. Acquiring certain information like the model of a processor is easy. But, getting the same insights on the motherboard or hard drive is generally difficult. This applies specifically to those units which come factory-installed. The PC wizard eliminates this trouble. It scans a system and offers information on every single component of a computer. It will even inform you on the temperature of the processor if the sensors for the purpose are installed therein.

  1. Malware Bytes

The tool helps you get rid of the malware installed on your client’s system. The user may have good antivirus software installed. But, certain malware programs are capable of bi-passing even excellent-quality protection. Malware Bytes destroys them and makes a PC neat and clean.

  1. TCP View

A great mistake technicians often commit when checking their client’s computer is ignoring the network traffic. It so happens that users often download malware along with their favorite program. TCP Viewer checks network traffic and inspects the applications downloaded onto the machine. The expert can check if malware has come along with any of them and warn the user accordingly.

  1. Multiple browsers

The advice may appear silly. But, having more than one web browser will be of help if Internet Explorer gets corrupt on a computer. Download it onto your computer and get the files needed to repair if IE is a must.

  1. JDisk Report

The tool comes handy when your client complains that the PC fails to give information on the space available on a hard drive. The application comes up with a chart with the files on a PC. Just click the portion you want and it expands giving you a clear description of the files contained in the specified directory.

  1. Computer Census™

The Application functions almost like TCP view. But, the tool is quite faster. It even allows you to inspect all the computers in a network and gather the information you want.

This is not an extensive list. But, having them will help you start out; you can buy tool kits for computer repair as and when you require.

If you need tools like scissors, rulers, screwdrivers, pocket knife and other go to Comtrade Store and navigate to tool kits menu and choose from variety of tools or IT’s and electricians.

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4 Wheel Mobility Scooter: Troubleshooting Tips

A mobility bike is a great blessing for the elderly and the disabled; it allows them to move around independently. Some of the models available at present even facilitate long trips. These devices are built to last long. However, users may face troubles at times. Fortunately, solving them is not as difficult as it may appear. Here are some tips to help you in this direction.

Troubleshooting a 4 wheel mobility scooter

Mobility devices are designed in such a way as to minimize maintenance cost. Still, you may face problems when operating them. Do the following to take care of minor issues you may face.

  1. When the scooter fails to run

The first thing a mobility scooter user is required to do when it fails to run is to check the battery. Recharge it if it is not full. You should also make sure that the key is positioned correctly in the ignition. Take it out and reinsert. Check if the freewheel mode is turned off. Inspect the brakes and see to it that they are in working condition.

  1. The motor refuses to work

The motor in a disability scooter is built to withstand wear and tear. But, it may get damaged if you drive the device on excessively wet surfaces or in dirt. The damage may remain hidden for some time; but would cause trouble in the long run. If this is the issue, cleaning the same may help. Failure here may be an alert to take the device to a certified professional too solve the issue.

  1. The battery does not hold charge

If you find that your battery does not give you the range you expect, connect it to a charger and observe. The gauge should flash for 40 seconds and remain constant. If this happens, both the charger and the battery are in working condition. Just charge it for 8 hours and everything would be fine. If it does not flash either in the beginning or at the end of eight hours, check the connections. You may have forgotten to replace the battery on time; you need to replace it at regular intervals.

  1. Check if electromagnetic interference is the trouble

Know that the devices like mobility scooters are prone to electromagnetic interference if placed near a TV or radio. In such an instance, the scooter will move on its own or in the wrong direction. Take it away from the zone of influence and the trouble will be solved.

Some additional suggestions

  1. Take care to replace the fuse if it happens to blow off. Failure to do so may affect the life of the battery of your scooter.
  2. Do not use any other charger than the one supplied by the manufacturer.
  3. When cleaning the vehicle, don’t forget the driving axle.

Understand that even maximum care does not allow you to skip the yearly servicing. Proper maintenance will make servicing easier and your 4 wheel mobility scooter will stay with you for a lifetime.

Pride medical 4 wheel scooters like GoGo, Victory and Ultra can be seen at Better Life Mobility showrooms. To order on line and get pick up in store rebate visit this webpage.

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Health Benefits of Joining a Flex Tennis League

A sport for a life time is a unique concept and tennis is the only game capable of making it practical. Besides, it is the only game available for someone looking for an all-body workout to avoid alternating among different types of exercises. Join any of the flex tennis leagues in your locality and enjoy the following health benefits.

Flex tennis league: Health benefits

Given below are some of the huge benefits tennis has in store for its participants.

  1. Burns calories without tiring you

Like all competitions, every participant is sure to have fun during a tennis match. As a result, you burn more calories than you do with other activities just because you love being a gamer. This will prompt you to go to higher levels with every attempt. You don’t restrict your movements just to serving or returning. It reduces your time to rest and your bodyweight decreases. Quite naturally, tennis becomes the best way to attain a fit physique.

  1. You become a fast runner

Returning servings and volleys require you to change directions as quickly as you can. Quite naturally, you learn to run faster. Studies show that a person burns up to 500 calories per match. This in itself is a powerful exercise you can do on a daily basis; you run up to 5 miles for every game played.

  1. Your lifespan gets expanded

Research shows that a person who plays tennis on a regular basis cuts the risks to his/her life to half. When combined with the power to relieve stress, this becomes a miracle medicine for almost all the general mental disorders like anxiety.

  1. Your heart becomes healthier

Experts say that playing a tennis match is the most heart-friendly exercise you can find. The fast movements the game demand increase your heart rate. You become more energetic. Your body is able to burn the excess of fat reserved in it for long and you protect yourself from almost all cardiac troubles. Tennis matches generally last two hours. The intervals given in between are known to be ideal for a 2-hour cardiovascular workout session.

  1. It increases your coordination

Tennis asks you to move and respond faster. As you progress in the game, your ability to coordinate your body increases. This works particularly for hand-eye coordination. You are also helped to have a better control over even the small movements of your body.

  1. Your immune system gets stronger

This can be seen as the result of the great things tennis does for your body. Your bones grow stronger and the muscles are nourished. Consequently, you protect yourself from the diseases like osteoporosis.

  1. Your ability to solve problems improves

As you know, the laws of geography and physics govern the game of tennis. And, you are required to solve problems with regard to time and distance at every step. You are also expected to stay alert all the time. It improves your ability to deal with stressful situations.

Be a part of a flex tennis league and help yourself without you noticing it. Register and join spring tennis leagues organized by eTennis League be improve game and health as well.

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