Funeral planning for your loved one

Death is the biggest reality but it is still never easy to accept it, especially when you lose a loved one. The fact that you are separated from the person you love for eternity is the biggest sense of loss. However, this is not the time to just mourn, this is the time to plan a funeral that your near and dear one deserves. Among all the things that you will ever do, this is the most difficult task to pull off. Before you start planning the funeral here are a few tips that will help you to cope with the grief.


  • The first thing that you need to do is take care of yourself. This may sound selfish but if you have lost someone really close and you are responsible for the entire funeral then you must be strong and active to handle the entire situation. Arranging a funeral could be highly stressful not only for the different aspects involved in it but also for the grief that you are suffering from.


  • Delegate the different works if you have the man force. If there are people whom you could trust with the funeral then make sure that you divide some work among others. Do not try to do everything on your own.


  • Sit down and think about what he or she would have liked. The funeral is about respecting the last wishes of the deceased. In the time of grief you might forget what he or she wanted and get along with the regular proceedings of a funeral only to relent later. Therefore, take some time out and think.


Steps of Funeral planning


Once you are sure what you want to do for the funeral here are a few steps that you would be required to take. Following these steps will help you to plan a systematic and well organized funeral.


Transporting the deceased


The first step is to arrange for the transportation of the deceased. You might want to take the deceased to a funeral home, another city or any other place where you would arrange for the rituals of the funeral. You will have to call the deceased transportation facilities so that you could avail their services.


Arranging the funeral services


Arranging the funeral services will include purchasing the cascade, essential materials, funeral products etc. You will also have to decide whether you want to go for a burial, cremation or entombment.





Arrangements at the cemetery


There are certain important arrangements that have to be made at the cemetery. If you already have a cemetery property then it’s alright otherwise you will have to purchase that property. A funeral director should be able to help you with all that detail.


Legal and administrative matters


Funeral planning also includes the legal and administrative matters that are associated with it. If you have planned a cremation then there are certain legal aspects associated with it that you should take care of before the cremation. Death notices and obituary is also very important.


All information you need about funeral planning can be found on this webpage or if you call Old Mission Cemetery at (760)231-8445, ext. 133 or ext. 139.


Contact :
Contact Person: Maureen Sullivan
Old Mission San Luis Rey de Francia
Address: 4050 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92057-6402
Tel/Fax: (760)231-8445, ext. 133 or ext. 139.


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