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Buying A Used MV-1 Mobility Venture Handicap Van

The decision to go for a used mobility van will take away the strain on your budget to a great extent. But, getting the same is something that requires great preparation on your part. Keep these pointers in mind and you will save big in your attempts in this direction.

  1. Have a thorough inspection

Safety is the thing no one can neglect; especially a wheelchair-bound driver. Have a mechanic accompany you when you inspect a van. This will help you an impartial evaluation of the condition of your choice vehicle. Check the brakes, engine and the accessibility modifications. The best thing to do is to go for a test-drive. You should not experience any difficulty to maneuver the vehicle in the way you want.

  1. Get it online

You may feel that visiting a store in your locality is the best choice. But, experiences teach that an online shop is the way to go when it comes to a wheelchair van. Most of the reputed companies and dealers show their full inventory online. It also lets you review an abundance of choice. Just make sure that you are taking a final decision only after inspecting the vehicle on your own if it is a used one.

  1. Evaluate your needs

The advice is definitely common knowledge. But, a majority of disabled drivers simply ignore it and regret the choices made. Know what kinds of modifications would work best for you. If you are keen to drive on your own, a side-entry van is the best choice. Go for a rear-entry one if you prefer to travel along with your caregiver. The same applies to hand controls and other adaptations.

  1. Enquire about warranty

It is always recommended that you go for gently used items. If the van you choose is less than three years old, you can get benefited from the manufacture warranty. Enquire about it to the prospective seller and don’t ignore the warranty for the modifications installed therein.

Stay safe from scams

It is true that you would want to save as much as possible when shopping for a mobility van. But, Beware of scammers. They will deprive you of your savings even without you noticing it.

Odometer scamHere, the seller rolls back the odometer creating the illusion that the vehicle is brand new. This lets them charge more than what the van is actually worth. Read the documentations and compare the mileage you see on the vehicle and that is mentioned in the registration papers. Get away from if you notice a huge difference. If you intent to buy from official mobility dealer than you don’t need to worry about this.

Go for MV-1 Mobility Venture Handicap Van

If a combination of style, comfort and accessibility is what you want, you will definitely get a MV-1 Mobility Venture Handicap Van. This vehicle worth all your time, effort and money! New and used MV1 vans can be purchased at Better Life Mobility centers in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Las Vegas.

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Retreat Centers in California – Maximizing Benefits

Taking responsibility is both exciting and daunting at the same time. On a practical level, it increases your popularity in your team and makes you a source of information. On a personal level, it requires you to make many adjustments. Organizing a retreat is one such task that asks for great preparation on your part. Still, the following tips will help you ensure that your team is able to get the most from a retreat you organize.
1. Have a Team
You may know all about the retreat center of your choice. But, know that many hands can relieve you from the stress of doing everything on your own. You don’t have to have a large group; two or three sincere members will fulfill the purpose.
2. Plan in advance
The advice is definitely common knowledge. Still, it is the thing people always ignore. Contact your choice retreat center well in advance. If you decide to go for Old Mission San Luis Rey, know that the event will be in good hands. The center features almost everything an individual or group generally expects from a model retreat institution. Just make sure that you know the cancellation policy and other terms and conditions of service before entering into a full-time commitment.
3. Have an inspiring program
Know that making an entire group enjoy and get benefited from a retreat is not an easy task. Discuss your situation with your team and let them come up with an agenda that combines enjoyment and information. See to it that your plan is capable of maintaining a balance between work and recreation. Whatever is your purpose, you can happily come to California. Visit Old Mission San Luis Rey, the center will have everything you want for a successful group retreat.
4. Bring your own food
Try to take your own food when going for a retreat. Know that this does not apply if you decide to visit any of the renowned retreat centers in California. Pack a mini refrigerator or a microwave so that you can prepare your own small meals when you need.
5. Evaluate your budget resources
Set up a budget for the purpose. And, take measures to stick to it any cost. Enquire if there is anyone in your team who owns a cabin in a wood. It will be exciting if you can cook your own food; the experience will definitely be a memorable one.
6. Get feedbacks
There is room for improvement in everything. Let the participants of the retreat tell you what they felt after the session. You can use an online survey form for the purpose. Allow every member to stay anonymous so that no one is scared of repercussions when expressing an opinion.
If some time away from distractions in a scenic and historic location is what you want, you can happily come to Old Mission San Luis Rey. Learn about its past glory from the museum. If you want spiritual direction, you can get it here at a nominal cost. And, the meals here are known to be healthy and delicious at the same time!

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Prayer retreats – one destination, various routes

Spiritual retreats help people in getting up and to be close with God. It helps them to find answers to their confusions and also to calm their mind. There are various ways in which people can take this kind of retreat, they can either go into this retreat in solitude, with small groups or with motivational and religious organizations. Few retreat ideas are as follows:

Couple retreats

In many cases of spiritual retreats, people take part in them along with their spouses. The main reason for taking part in these together is the fact that it is God Himself who makes the unions and one should thank Him for that and the other reason to take part in these is to give a thought and think about ways for making the relationship work peacefully. With the run after the worldly affairs, people do not get time to spend with each other and this strain the relationship between the couple. Going in to these retreats not only gives them time together to pray and meditate together but also gives them time to talk and think about the relationship.

Motivational retreats


There are many spiritual retreats which are taken in times of low self-esteem, lack of confidence or at times of failures. In this kind of retreats, people both seek the wisdom of a motivational or religious speaker and try to understand where they are going wrong. Many people go into this kind of withdrawal alone as they want to introspect and spend some time in solitude. They take along with them motivational books and religious books and study them to understand own mental state. Meditation brings out a sense of calmness in them which helps them to be confident and be self-assured.

Activity based retreats


People need a lot of will power and dedication to go into this kind of withdrawal. Just praying and meditation cannot hold their attention of the people for long. In order to achieve success in their retreat, they should plan some activities and recreational ideas which not only will keep them engaged but also refresh their mind and body. Some of the activities which the people on spiritual vacation can do are:

  • Engage in some good reading apart from the religious and motivational books
  • Play group games like treasure hunt etc.
  • Exercise and yoga practice
  • Take long strolls into the woods
  • Maintain a journal

Silent retreats


Among the many common types of prayer retreats there is another kind of retreat known as the silent retreat. It is one of the most powerful type of retreat as this way an individual will be free from any kind of noise and refrain themselves from making petty talks. They can unanimously devote all their time to God, in praying, reading books in calm and self-introspection. The ideal location for silent retreats is a calm and noiseless place. In this type of retreat a person understands the working of nature and can marvel the beauty that God has created without any disturbances.
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Prayer retreats-Holding onto own

Prayer retreatsRetreats are a way to get up close with God and oneself. Many people can arrange for such gatherings by themselves over the weekends if they do not want to join any organized camps or vacations. Document free to download and share from Old Mission Retreat Center


One way to gather people or to get them interested in joining these retreats is through inventing exciting and innovative themes. An individual can host a spiritual retreat at one’s own house, or a community hall or a place pre decided by him or her which is easy for people to locate and join in. An individual can host a spiritual party with a number of themes keeping in mind which will interest the people into joining them. Few of the themes one can choose are: the idea of a get together of a family over one’s place like a picnic, retreats for only the women folks of the family, retreats involving only the young children of the family, community or friends get together, inviting a spiritual guru to address the problems of the family members or friends and indulging them in healthy talks and discussions about God.


While hosting a spiritual retreat it is important to keep in mind to engage all the people attending the retreat. The host can organize a number of activities in order to keep the attendees engaged and interested in the workshop with God. Few examples of activities that a person can organize are: praying together, participants can talk or read their favorite parts of the religious books, or preaching of God. They can sing prayer songs together, play mind games or puzzle games with the clues which will lead them towards God, time allotted for seminars and discussions, storytelling or sharing of some personal motivational or miracle tales.

Motivational talks

Retreats are not only about finding God or getting close to God but it is also about soul searching and introspection. People suffering from low self-esteem or dealing with some kind of failures, be it personal or professional, can attend these kinds of retreats. If anyone is hosting these kinds of retreats then he or she should keep in mind this aspect of the retreat and arrange either for a motivational leader or a person from his or her religious institution. If the host themselves are good talkers then they can give these kinds of talks to the people and uplift their morale. If the host cannot arrange for a motivational preacher then he or she should arrange some motivational and inspiring documentaries or movies which he or she can show to the attendees.


Every prayer retreats along with God talks, motivational inspirations, self-introspective activities and bonding over the religion should arrange for some kind to food. If the budget is stringent then he or she can arrange for some kind of snacks. The hosts can also ask the attendees to prepare a dish each and bring to the gathering as this will help in building community feeling among the people and also give them a reason to join. People can bond with each other in an informal way over food.

Mobility Scooters and their maintenance

Mobility ScootersScooters for disabled people are an expensive buy. Proper and timely maintenance is needed for taking care of these scooters, so that they can run for a long duration and become cost effective. There are few tips you can follow in order to maintain scooter, for more refer to

Maintenance while purchasing

The prospective buyer of the disabled scooter should read the manual thoroughly and also discuss about the vehicle with the manufacturer before bringing the scooter home. One should get familiarized with the components/parts of the scooter purchased and their specific functions. The more an individual knows about his or her scooter, the better care he or she can take of the same. The buyer can also take various angle photos so that in times of confusion he or she can refer back with the help of these. An important way to maintain one’s scooter is to take care of the battery. One can with the help of the dealer chalk out a schedule needed for servicing and maintaining the scooter.

Maintenance as per needs

The scooters and its proper working depends lot on how it is kept and maintained. In order to ensure good running condition of the disabled scooter. One should protect the scooter from extreme weather conditions like extreme rain, warm or cold weathers. If an individual has to store the vehicle without a garage or a shed he or she should keep it covered when not in use so that it stays protected. One should also keep his or her vehicle clean so that dust and dirt residues do not create bigger problems to the vehicle in long run.

Maintaining the scooter every week

An owner of the disabled scooter should hire someone or ask any of his or her family members to clean the scooter every week. A quick surface cleaning using a damp soft cloth and other cleaners is all that it takes to clean the scooter. One should also check the tire pressure every week and fill them up if it is required. The user’s manual has the prerequisite tire pressure level needed. A quick inspection should be done for checking any puncture signs, cracks, or other problems. The tires should be checked for checking any kind of vibration or wobbling.

Monthly and yearly maintenance

Monthly a deeper cleaning of mobility scooters is needed. The battery area and the underside of the scooter should be cleaned. Also one should check the battery area for any signs of corrosion. The tire threads should be inspected to check that they have not been worn down too much and also take notes of any visual changes which can be brought in notice of the mechanic or technician.

Yearly the owner should get the vehicle’s wheel bearings, nuts and bolts, fuses and other parts of the scooter checked. He or she should take advice of the trained mechanic if any problems occur or if there is any visual change. The scooter should be inspected fully once a year so that the trained technician can rectify if they spot any small problems in the scooter.

Forced Air heater – Helps Protect you from chilling cold outside

Forced air heater is the type of heater that is in demand today. The equipment comes in varieties. There is always a scope to buy these equipments prior to peak winter and save money. This is because they could be used for heating rooms without making one spend much. In this article we would talk about these heaters and would focus on the forced type.

What are heaters?

Heaters (as the name indicates) are the equipments that could be used for heating an area. The appliance is a useful one and has become a requirement in most of the residences as well as the offices. These could be used for varied purposes and are handy for serving heating purposes. The usefulness of a heater could be understood especially in the month of December.

What types of heaters are available in market?

In the market there are many types of this heating equipment. The equipment in original is found in many varieties. The difference could be judged on the basis of the power sources. The major power sources on which they run are the electricity, oil, fuel, natural gas, gasoline and others.

Good thing about forced air heaters

A good point supporting these heaters is that they could be used for heating the area with ease. When they are used then these would take the cold air from around and would heat the same. Even these heaters come with varied sources of power like oil, natural gas and much more. When the fan or the blower is fitted to the convection type heater then it creates an artificial air movement. In case of forced heating type heating of air over long distances is done. This is usually the best choice for the areas like office buildings and warehouses.

Understanding Direct-fired, Indirect-fired, electric and portable heaters

The direct-fired heaters are the type of heaters in which the heat is transferred to the heated overflow because of the simple and compact design. These air heaters are useful for those areas that are non-enclosed. Some of the examples of such areas are the parking lots, warehouses and others.

The indirect-fired type is the one that comes with a heat exchanger. This exchanger is useful for keeping air clean. It is the part that helps in keeping fumes and exhaust items away. This type of heater could be placed at any remote location. So, these are useful for serving many purposes.

The electric ones are the type of heaters that provides clean dry heat. These do no noise while they are operated and would work efficiently even in less maintenance. They could be used in closed areas, commercial areas and much more.

Portable air forced type are the type of heaters that are useful in places that have space constraint. These heaters are light on weight, come in brands and are a good buy.

So, buy the Forced Air heater for heating the area with ease. You can buy them online and you would certainly get them at easy prices.

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Locating Funds to Get Hand Controls

The time when modifying an accessible van as per one’s requirements remained beyond the reach of an average person is long gone. Today, all you need to do to get the same is to apply for grants from as many organizations as possible. Given below are some helpful tips if you are someone pondering upon your options in the field.

  1. Do your own research

Conduct your own research online and understand the options available. However, do not take a final decision without consulting a mobility equipment dealer, like Guidosimplex USA. The expert would recommend a CDRS who would evaluate your capabilities and guide you accordingly.

  1. Be patient

Fund providers are not obliged to work as per your timeline. You are one among the millions waiting for financial assistance. Be prepared for slow movement. This will allow you a pleasant surprise if things go faster than you expect. Expressing frustration would not help you in any way. It may even lower the possibility of you getting the funds you desperately need.

  1. Stay organized

You are sure to apply for grants to several organizations. And, staying organized is a must if you want to stay updated with the progress. Take care to ensure that you have all the required documents at your disposal. The requirements and policies may vary depending on the organization of your choice. Still, all of them require you to fill up your personal information like social security number, information about your driver license etc. The best way is to remain flexible so that you don’t get frustrated with the changing terms and conditions.

  1. Obtain the required medical records

All the fund-providers would want to see your medical records. Request the same from your doctor. Certain physicians may prefer to send them directly to the organization. Whatever is the situation, make sure that the doctor understands why you want to have your medical records. You can even request a letter of recommendation. It will increase your chances of getting the funds you need.

This done, you can go on with your research. Do not forget to prepare your case in such a way that the institution feels convinced of your need and your current financial situation.

Some institutions worth considering

Given below are some sources from where you may get financial assistance to install hand controls in your wheelchair car or van.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs: If the disability you suffer is the result of an accident while on service, you can apply for financial assistance to the Automobile and Adaptive Equipment Grants Scheme. Explore their website or contact in the number given therein.
  • Medicare: Medicare may offer funding to modify your vehicle. However, their guidelines are quite stringent in this regard. It requires a special evaluation by a certified physician. Contact a representative of the agency and know more about it.

Getting the financial assistance you need to install hand controls in your accessible vehicle is not an easy job. Still, fulfilling your dream almost completely free of cost is definitely worth all your efforts.

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Energy Saving Tips for a Commercial Heater

Surveys show that energy consumption is one among the most expensive things for businesses at present. But, the truth is that a few measures can help you save hundreds of dollars here. Here are some simple tips you can follow in this regard. For detailed explanation visit

Saving energy in a commercial heater

Ever-increasing energy expense is known to be the cause of failure for most of the small businesses in the US. Do the following and save big in your utility bills.

  1. Install a programmable thermometer

Know that turning down your thermometer to 68 degrees will reduce your energy expense. In fact, every 1 degree you lower will reduce your bill up to 5%. Try to wear warm clothes and lower the temperature up to 55 degrees when not in use.

  1. Clean the filters at regular intervals

Restricted air flow would make a heater work hard adding up to your energy expenses. Clean the appliance at regular intervals and service it as per the manufacturer recommendations. Even when maintaining it on your own, the product documentation should be your ultimate guide.

  1. Close all doors and windows

Take care to ensure that you keep all the doors and windows closed at night. Do not waste sun rays. Open them up when there is plenty of sunlight.

  1. Replace worn-out boilers

Refer to your product documentation and inspect the appliance at regular intervals for damages. Replace the filters in accordance with the instructions given therein. Remember, inefficient boilers force the unit to work extra hard leading to an increase in your utility bill. There may also be rules and regulations with this regard in the State of your residence. Make sure that you are not going against even any one of them

  1. Use the appliance only when required

This may appear to be common knowledge. But, most of the time, people simply forget to switch off the heater when not in use. The best thing is to introduce a start-up/shut-down agenda. This will make sure that only those appliances you need most are operating in the office.

  1. Install an energy management system

An energy management system would help a lot in a business institution. This would help you understand best times to regulate the temperature settings. You will also know when to start-up or shut down the appliance. Experiences teach that doing this will help you lower your energy consumption up to 10%.

  1. Avoid comparing bills

Do not compare your utility bill to that of your neighbor. Your energy requirements may be different from that of those around you. The same applies to your previous home. The construction of the building, the area and many other factors influence your energy bill. Just monitor your bills and look for ways to lower them. That’s the only option available if you want to stay safe from unwanted tensions and other troubles.

The operating cost of a commercial heater may be high. But, the measures mentioned above would help you keep it in check.

Get the 12 Freezer for making storage in vehicles efficient

The 12v fridge is the type of refrigerator that could be used within vehicles. The fridge can be used in the remote areas. The major problem with these areas is that they are off the grid. A good thing about the fridge is that they are highly efficient in the vehicles. However if these are not selected properly then these could lead to wastage of energy.

Points to consider before buying a 12v Fridge

If you are considering buying the fridge then you must initially be sure of the amperage that the unit draws. It is to be understood that the highly efficient quality unit draws one amp per hour from various power sources. In case one has made the wrong choice then many times more than this, the power is used. If one is using the 12v DC, then the power is acquired from either the starter battery of the vehicles or the off grid electrical system. Basically, the starter battery for vehicles is smaller. If one uses a 12v fridge on it then the damage to the battery could happen. It is seen that the 12v car fridge owners use second deep cycle battery for increasing the running time. So, it is necessary that the low amperage fridge is procured if the same has to be used on a daily basis.

Why to procure the fridge with low electricity requirements?

The freezer must be selected after being sure of the electricity requirements. If the fridge has lower electricity requirements then it would cost extremely less. If you are buying an efficient refrigerator then you would save on the part of electricity generation.

How to select the right 12v Fridge?

As the amperage of such fridge is important, so the unit needs to be selected after much research. A low amperage one would be an expensive buy and would be found in the market as a compression fridge. Also, the equipment cannot be operated on the LPG. Unlike these units, the inefficient fridges are cheaper on prices and would not give customers details of the technology with which they are made of. Also, there are the chances within them to have the LPG power option.

So, select the 12 Freezer after much research. While you are researching about the equipment you must be considerate about the budget and model. To sum up, while you are purchasing the 12v fridge freezer for using it for a long period of time you must select a high quality efficient compressor type unit. The brands that would serve you in the purpose could be the EvaKool 12v Fridges and also the 12v Summit fridge.

Visit the online dealers for buying the 12 Freezer. These freezers are good with costs and could be procured by the best of sellers when proper comparison as well as selection is made. So, select accordingly and make your vehicle a wonderful one. The purchase would be one of the best gifts of technology to yourself!

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The newest technology in wheelchair accessible vehicles

It has been quite some years since wheelchair accessible vehicles came in to the market. With growing awareness of the special needs of disabled people, the automobile industry started manufacturing vehicles for wheelchair accessibility. Gradually dealerships started specializing in converting vehicles for easy accessibility.

At the current moment, there are mobility consultants at automobile dealerships that advice you before you purchase vehicle. Based on your specific needs, the consultant or dealer will provide you with a number of possible accessibility solutions that are within your budget.

If you do not have the funds to buy a van and you can’t get a bank loan, there are many organizations that provide funds to the disabled for mobility equipment. Mobility vehicles are covered by insurance like any other vehicle as well.

To make the most of your vehicle, you must ensure you have the right kind of conversion done. Ramps, lifts, transfer seats, wheelchair securements, etc. have been the conventional modifications for a long time. Most recently, automobile manufacturing companies have started making vans that allow a disabled person to travel either in the front passenger seat or drive from the wheelchair itself.

This is a step forward in the field of mobility for disabled people. These new innovations allow greater freedom and independence of movement than before. A wheelchair user now has the option of driving themselves around if they can.

Sitting up front

If your disability isn’t very extensive you can now travel up front, next to the driver’s seat from the comfort of your own wheelchair. In these vehicles, entry is through the rear where a ramp is installed. The tail gate of the vehicle can be opened and closed via remote control which eliminates the need to do it manually. In spite of the additional space needed for the entrance and exit for the wheelchair, seats for 2 more people apart from the driver can be installed. This modification is ideal for minivans and vans.

Driving from the wheelchair

If you still possess the ability to drive, the latest innovations in the automobile industry allow you to drive from your wheelchair itself. They can be modified to allow a disabled person to drive with the help of electronic control. The tail gate of the vehicle can be controlled remotely. A ramp opens out once the gate lifts to allow the wheelchair user to enter the vehicle. Once the person is in the driver’s position, he or she can drive like any other person through the help of steering aids and electronic accelerators.

Flat flooring

Unlike most other cars, they have flat and low floors for easy movement of the wheelchair. Bumps and carpeting in the interior of the vehicle is a deterrent to accessibility.

People with disability have the good fortune to look forward to many more such innovations that will improve the quality of life for people who are living with disabilities.

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