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Buying A Used MV-1 Mobility Venture Handicap Van

The decision to go for a used mobility van will take away the strain on your budget to a great extent. But, getting the same is something that requires great preparation on your part. Keep these pointers in mind and you will save big in your attempts in this direction.

  1. Have a thorough inspection

Safety is the thing no one can neglect; especially a wheelchair-bound driver. Have a mechanic accompany you when you inspect a van. This will help you an impartial evaluation of the condition of your choice vehicle. Check the brakes, engine and the accessibility modifications. The best thing to do is to go for a test-drive. You should not experience any difficulty to maneuver the vehicle in the way you want.

  1. Get it online

You may feel that visiting a store in your locality is the best choice. But, experiences teach that an online shop is the way to go when it comes to a wheelchair van. Most of the reputed companies and dealers show their full inventory online. It also lets you review an abundance of choice. Just make sure that you are taking a final decision only after inspecting the vehicle on your own if it is a used one.

  1. Evaluate your needs

The advice is definitely common knowledge. But, a majority of disabled drivers simply ignore it and regret the choices made. Know what kinds of modifications would work best for you. If you are keen to drive on your own, a side-entry van is the best choice. Go for a rear-entry one if you prefer to travel along with your caregiver. The same applies to hand controls and other adaptations.

  1. Enquire about warranty

It is always recommended that you go for gently used items. If the van you choose is less than three years old, you can get benefited from the manufacture warranty. Enquire about it to the prospective seller and don’t ignore the warranty for the modifications installed therein.

Stay safe from scams

It is true that you would want to save as much as possible when shopping for a mobility van. But, Beware of scammers. They will deprive you of your savings even without you noticing it.

Odometer scamHere, the seller rolls back the odometer creating the illusion that the vehicle is brand new. This lets them charge more than what the van is actually worth. Read the documentations and compare the mileage you see on the vehicle and that is mentioned in the registration papers. Get away from if you notice a huge difference. If you intent to buy from official mobility dealer than you don’t need to worry about this.

Go for MV-1 Mobility Venture Handicap Van

If a combination of style, comfort and accessibility is what you want, you will definitely get a MV-1 Mobility Venture Handicap Van. This vehicle worth all your time, effort and money! New and used MV1 vans can be purchased at Better Life Mobility centers in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and Las Vegas.

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Prayer retreats-Holding onto own

Prayer retreatsRetreats are a way to get up close with God and oneself. Many people can arrange for such gatherings by themselves over the weekends if they do not want to join any organized camps or vacations. Document free to download and share from Old Mission Retreat Center


One way to gather people or to get them interested in joining these retreats is through inventing exciting and innovative themes. An individual can host a spiritual retreat at one’s own house, or a community hall or a place pre decided by him or her which is easy for people to locate and join in. An individual can host a spiritual party with a number of themes keeping in mind which will interest the people into joining them. Few of the themes one can choose are: the idea of a get together of a family over one’s place like a picnic, retreats for only the women folks of the family, retreats involving only the young children of the family, community or friends get together, inviting a spiritual guru to address the problems of the family members or friends and indulging them in healthy talks and discussions about God.


While hosting a spiritual retreat it is important to keep in mind to engage all the people attending the retreat. The host can organize a number of activities in order to keep the attendees engaged and interested in the workshop with God. Few examples of activities that a person can organize are: praying together, participants can talk or read their favorite parts of the religious books, or preaching of God. They can sing prayer songs together, play mind games or puzzle games with the clues which will lead them towards God, time allotted for seminars and discussions, storytelling or sharing of some personal motivational or miracle tales.

Motivational talks

Retreats are not only about finding God or getting close to God but it is also about soul searching and introspection. People suffering from low self-esteem or dealing with some kind of failures, be it personal or professional, can attend these kinds of retreats. If anyone is hosting these kinds of retreats then he or she should keep in mind this aspect of the retreat and arrange either for a motivational leader or a person from his or her religious institution. If the host themselves are good talkers then they can give these kinds of talks to the people and uplift their morale. If the host cannot arrange for a motivational preacher then he or she should arrange some motivational and inspiring documentaries or movies which he or she can show to the attendees.


Every prayer retreats along with God talks, motivational inspirations, self-introspective activities and bonding over the religion should arrange for some kind to food. If the budget is stringent then he or she can arrange for some kind of snacks. The hosts can also ask the attendees to prepare a dish each and bring to the gathering as this will help in building community feeling among the people and also give them a reason to join. People can bond with each other in an informal way over food.

Mobility Scooters and their maintenance

Mobility ScootersScooters for disabled people are an expensive buy. Proper and timely maintenance is needed for taking care of these scooters, so that they can run for a long duration and become cost effective. There are few tips you can follow in order to maintain scooter, for more refer to

Maintenance while purchasing

The prospective buyer of the disabled scooter should read the manual thoroughly and also discuss about the vehicle with the manufacturer before bringing the scooter home. One should get familiarized with the components/parts of the scooter purchased and their specific functions. The more an individual knows about his or her scooter, the better care he or she can take of the same. The buyer can also take various angle photos so that in times of confusion he or she can refer back with the help of these. An important way to maintain one’s scooter is to take care of the battery. One can with the help of the dealer chalk out a schedule needed for servicing and maintaining the scooter.

Maintenance as per needs

The scooters and its proper working depends lot on how it is kept and maintained. In order to ensure good running condition of the disabled scooter. One should protect the scooter from extreme weather conditions like extreme rain, warm or cold weathers. If an individual has to store the vehicle without a garage or a shed he or she should keep it covered when not in use so that it stays protected. One should also keep his or her vehicle clean so that dust and dirt residues do not create bigger problems to the vehicle in long run.

Maintaining the scooter every week

An owner of the disabled scooter should hire someone or ask any of his or her family members to clean the scooter every week. A quick surface cleaning using a damp soft cloth and other cleaners is all that it takes to clean the scooter. One should also check the tire pressure every week and fill them up if it is required. The user’s manual has the prerequisite tire pressure level needed. A quick inspection should be done for checking any puncture signs, cracks, or other problems. The tires should be checked for checking any kind of vibration or wobbling.

Monthly and yearly maintenance

Monthly a deeper cleaning of mobility scooters is needed. The battery area and the underside of the scooter should be cleaned. Also one should check the battery area for any signs of corrosion. The tire threads should be inspected to check that they have not been worn down too much and also take notes of any visual changes which can be brought in notice of the mechanic or technician.

Yearly the owner should get the vehicle’s wheel bearings, nuts and bolts, fuses and other parts of the scooter checked. He or she should take advice of the trained mechanic if any problems occur or if there is any visual change. The scooter should be inspected fully once a year so that the trained technician can rectify if they spot any small problems in the scooter.

Medical freezer and its temperature setting

The use of medical freezer is very extensive in the field of medicine as every medical store, laboratories and hospitals use different kinds of freezers for storing vaccines, medicated drugs, body samples and medical experiment related chemicals. Temperature setting is the most important requirement for the proper working of the freezers.

Freezer and temperature control

The most important factor which differentiates a freezer from other normal storage units is its ability to store things at a lower degree of temperature and preserving them at a cool atmosphere. Temperature control system is the most important component of the medical freezer and the controlling of the same is done either by a digital display or by a dial thermostat panel. The display system or the thermostat panel is inbuilt in the body of the freezer. Temperature fluctuation is very detrimental for the proper functioning of the freezer and the fluctuation can be kept in the bay by fitting a temperature alarm to the refrigerator which allows the person in charge of the medical freezer to keep a proper track of temperature fluctuation.

How to set correct temperature?

Correct temperature is the most important component needed for the right functioning of the freezer. The temperature can be adjusted or set with the help of automatic digital temperature sensor or by the manual temperature controlling knob. The manual knob has to be rotated and turned until the desired temperature setting is not achieved whereas the automatic sensor adjusts the temperature setting on its own by reading the temperature difference of the refrigerators. The temperature set for high quality refrigerators is between -15 to -45 degree Celsius. The temperature range set for normal quality standard refrigerators should be under -5 degree Celsius.

Stabilization of temperature

It is very important for the freezer to maintain accurate temperature for storing and preserving the medical items. Stable temperature is the need of proper refrigeration and thus should be highly insulated so that the temperature variation during any voltage fluctuation can be minimized. The freezer should be immune to the external temperature variations and this can be achieved via an inbuilt voltage stabilizer. The temperature fluctuations can also be kept in check by attaching a heat sink to the freezers, the heat sink stabilizes the temperature by limiting any kind of rise in temperature.

Why right temperature is needed?

Right temperature setting in medical freezer is needed because numerous kinds of medical samples, body organs and chemical substances are kept in the freezer and some of these samples are sensitive to ambient temperature and requires special temperature for preservation. The right temperature is attained by the temperature setting digital display or by a thermostat fitted on the freezer but change in settings; environment or electricity failure may change the temperature settings. Right temperature is also needed and should be checked at every pre-determined interval because if the temperature drops very low then the freezer will consume more power for functioning. The ideal temperature should be set 2 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius.

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Forced air heater – Get comfortable with heaters this winter

Winters are the most exciting time of the year. We are saved from the scorching heat of the sun. In this period people feel even happier when they can sit in a cozy warm room. But, it is difficult to keep the room warm when the temperature outside is biting cold. However with a forced air heater the air in the room could be heated and made comfortable. There are varieties of heating equipment available in the market. While you are making the choice of the equipment, you should be considerate about the price, the reviews products are acquiring, the budget and the features of the item you are planning to buy. If all the factors are considered properly then the best choice could be done. In this article we would talk in more detail about these heaters.

Why are forced heaters preferred?

These heaters are preferred due to their activity. These are responsible for heating the air by pulling cold air within them. Once when the air is pulled and heated, it is pushed back inside the room. Through this process the complete room gets heated equally and comfortably. The best thing about these is that they could be used for warming both the commercial as well as residential areas. Another good point about them is that these could suit larger areas like the construction sites, agricultural buildings and much more.

The varieties available in these heating equipment’s:

There are diverse varieties available for the forced heaters. The major ones are:

  1. The Master Propane ones
  2. The Natural gas ones
  3. The Kerosene forced ones

About Master propane

If you are planning for a trip to a hilly area then you can carry your master propane ones. The best thing about them is that these are light on weight and could be carried with ease. Another good thing about them is that it comes with Piezo ignition. This makes the activity of powering an even easier job. You should prefer this type as these suit even the industrial workplaces. The model should be preferred by those who want to heat an area of less than 940 square feet. They could heat the area quite easily and that too for a period of more than 14 hours.

Understanding other two types:

The natural gas forced air heater could be used for heating the drawing rooms. The interesting fact about the equipment is that they could be adjusted as per need. The heaters are such that these could heat an area of 3500 sq. ft. with ease.

A Kerosene forced air heater is the one in which Kerosene is used as the fuel. The fuel is easily available for these heaters. Also there is a small start ignition present due to which the heater could be easily started.

So, get the forced air heater from a good seller. You can choose between varieties and you can pick up the most useful one based on your budget or lifestyle.

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Hand controls for comfort driving of accessible vehicle

Hand controls are essential driving aids for disabled people who wish to take up the driving seat and wish to travel independently without any assistance. These controls make the driving experience comfortable for the handicapped people.

What are hand controls?

There are various kinds of driving aids, which can be paired with the steering wheel of the van so that different methods can be adapted for easy driving solutions for the handicapped people. These adaptive driving aids are known as hand controls and they can be configured differently depending on the needs. The various configurations include braking and acceleration, steering knobs, and electronic hand controls. The people who do not have functionality of the legs or have limited functionality of the body can opt for these hand controls for their driving solutions. The brakes and the gas pedals can be operated through hand control systems by the drivers using levers attached to the steering wheel. The levers do not interfere in any way with the normal driving wheel and hence, any person who does not suffer from any kind of disability too can drive the same vehicle if needed.

Information about using hand control systems

Driving aids such as the hand controls are needed in the wheelchair aided vans for comfortable driving experience for the people with disabilities. An important thing to keep in mind while buying vans with hand control systems is that only certified drivers can drive these specially aided wheelchair vans and people with disability who wish to drive these disability aided vehicles has to get proper training from authorized training centers. These hand control systems are available in all wheelchair vans and different kinds of hand controls are available. Authorized trained personals are available in every manufacturing unit who work personally with the disabled people who wish to buy different customized wheelchair vans. Depending on the degree of disability, various kinds of hand control systems are added to the steering wheel unit of the vehicles. Hand controls can be either manually operated or can be automatic in their functioning.

Who benefits from the hand controls?

A large number of people who are disabled from birth, by accidents or incidents, who are bounded to the wheelchair, are partially paralyzed; stroke survivors or use artificial limbs benefits from the hand control systems installed in their vans as it allows them to take up the driver’s seat by themselves and gives them a sense of freedom.

Online stores

There are number of wheelchair aided van manufacturers who provide vehicles with inbuilt hand control systems. Other than those, there are many online and offline stores who specializes in various kinds of hand controls for wheelchair vans and are distributers of the same. Buying products online are more convenient as the disabled people do not have to take the trouble of going to the stores and these online suppliers have trained representatives who works closely with the people in need of the hand controls and helps them choose the right equipment and assist them with their working. The payment scheme is also secured.

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12volt freezers-making the right choice

12 volt freezers are very useful appliances for camping, outdoor and overland purposes. These freezers are light in weight, compact, handy for keeping food and beverages cool and fresh and are very sturdy in nature. They fit snugly in the available vehicle space and operate on car batteries.

Things to remember while buying one

Few points to take into consideration while choosing a 12 volt freezer are given below:

  • Portable freezers are small and one should always buy freezers which utilizes the given space of the vehicle properly as space is most important.
  • It is always advisable to buy new freezer models as the technology is developing and today’s models are better than what it used to be five years back.
  • Although internal lighting on a freezer is nice it should not be an important criterion while choosing a freezer.
  • Tie-down handles are a must as they keep the freezer in place in the vehicle and prevents the freezer from any kind of damage while movement.
  • Choose a freezer with removal lid and slide out tray as they are really helpful in the compact spacing of the vehicle.

Common queries and their solutions

These 12volt portable freezers are very handy and reliable appliances, but like every other electronic appliances, customers might find some kind of difficulty in operating them smoothly. Below are some common problems and queries with their solutions:

#1 Power problem

One of the most common problems faced by the buyers of these freezers is the non-availability of power supply where the display light does not blink on.


The first thing you should check in these conditions is to see if the power plug is in the “on” position. The power plug should be firmly plugged on the appliance and the power supply. If after checking all the available options light do not come up then the buyer should send the freezer for repair.

#2 Fuse problems

If there is no exchange of electricity in the portable freezer after proper installation and checking of all the plugs and switches, then there might be a breakage in the fuse.


The owner of the freezer should check for any kind of fuse break, if there is one then they should replace it with a new one. If it does not work properly even after replacement and if it fails time and again then there might be a problem with the freezer and it will need repair.

Online sales

There are various online marketing websites which sells 12volt freezers. These online websites can be of particular company distributer’s or can be common freezer selling websites where one can compare between the different companies and models and then make their purchases. Each and every website have their customer care units and helpline numbers which operates 24/7 and provide answer to any kind of freezer related queries. These helpline customer care representatives not only provide pre sales related information but also help the customers with any problems related with the installation or functioning of the purchased item.

Desired customers can make payments through secured online payment systems or can also pay after the delivery of the purchase made.

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Disabled driver controls – ability to drive again

Wheelchair vans helps in easy mobility of the people with disabilities. Many disabled people wish to drive the vans by themselves and some of the vans facilitates that. In order to make the drive comfortable and easy to access, the van manufacturers install different kinds of hand controls in the vans. The different hand controls that work as driving aids for the people with special needs are as the following:

Hand controls for braking and acceleration

For driving wheelchair aided vans with hand controls, the disabled people should be trained and learn driving under the authorized training/specialized driving centers. It is mandatory to be a certified driver to be able to drive these vehicles on road. Hand controls for braking and acceleration purposes are of many types and depending on the physical ability of the disabled people and their finger/hand movement ability different types of hand controls are installed properly in the wheelchair vans. Every manufacturing unit or customized shops/dealers have specially trained consultants who helps the person with disabilities to choose the right type of hand controls.

Spinner knobs

Wheelchair aided van drivers who are physically challenged have to go through special driving lessons in order to be legalized for driving such vehicles. While in training, these people are taught the different usage of the various kinds of driving aids including the hand control systems. They are thoroughly educated about the nuances of controls. Spinner knobs are fitted on the steering wheels of the vans and they help in rotating the wheel for turnings. Different types of spinner knobs are spinner balls, amputee driver rings, v-grip spinner knobs, and tri-pins.

Electronic guided hand controls

With the use of electronic guided controls, driving has become very easy for the disabled people. People with higher degree of disability and limited finger mobility too can drive wheelchair aided vans with the help of these electronic controls which are in the shapes of buttons, knobs, and switches. Because of these hi-technology hand controls which are automatic in nature, driving has become a reality for the people in wheelchair. There are different kinds of electronic controls for braking, acceleration, and steering purposes. They are safe to use as they are built by the known and trusted names of the automobile industry.

Additional hand control features

Other than the hand control systems equipment like the lever or the joystick, there are additional features which help the disabled people to manoeuvre the wheelchair aided vans more easily. One such additional feature is the right hand turn signal. It is an extended lever, which is attached additionally to the left turn signal lever. As it is an extension handle or lever to the main lever, disabled people with the help of this can give signal for taking a turn by using their right hand. The hand control also facilitates the other secondary vehicle operations such as operating gear, windshield wipers, blinkers etc.

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12volt Freezers – How they work?

12volt FreezersPortable 12 volt freezers are very useful appliances for people as they help keeping the food and beverages cool and fresh while travelling or going out in any kind of business or pleasure trip. They are space efficient and fit in comfortably in the available space of different vehicles and as they are light weighted they can be removed and put back into the vehicle with ease. To see available models on market visit

Keeping stored items cool

In order to keep the items in the portable freezer cool the user has to replace the used coolant, that is melted ice from the icebox of the freezer and refills the box with fresh ice as portable coolers do not have the ability to chill water into ice. The ice absorbs heat from the stored items, such as food items, and keeps them cool.

Freezer features

These freezers are used by the people who indulge in a lot of outdoor activities such as hunting, camping or boating and frequent picnickers and travelers also use them. The different features of the freezers which help in keeping the food items fresh and cool are:

  • The insulation mode of the freezers is good which keeps the air inside the freezer cool.
  • The temperature display can be adjusted according to the needs of the users and can be lowered to the minimum degree available for the particular freezer.
  • Each and every freezer comes with a thermostat which can be adjusted as per the requirements.
  • The freezers have different storage compartments for storing the items in an organized manner.
  • The freezers have dual power option and can be plugged both in the sockets of a person’s house and also plugged in their vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapters.

Freezers and batteries

12v freezers can also run on batteries but the user should take a factor like how much battery time will be needed by a freezer to run on its own into consideration and also think how to recharge the battery once it is completely used by the freezer’s functioning. An ideal size battery for 12 volt freezers is 40 amp hours battery as it gives a power of 480 watts and this much power is needed by the freezers to run smoothly for 24 hours at a pre-determined temperature.

Type of battery

The types of batteries used in charging the 12v freezers are spill proof in nature and are sealed lead acid batteries, also known as SLA batteries. It should be kept in mind that car batteries cannot be used to run the freezer as the car batteries are designed to start the engine and to supply power for short span of time, they are not designed to run for long hours and long running hours are needed for the proper working of the fridges. Batteries which can be relied upon for easy running of the appliances are heavy batteries with large capacities and are expensive. The downside of these batteries is that they do not get charged quickly like other batteries.

Driving for handicapped becomes easier along hand controls for vans

Driving for handicapped becomes easier along hand controls for vansThe use of a handicap vehicle will be understood by those handicapped individuals who have been dependent on others for transportation. These vehicles help this section of the population and make them independent. If you are handicapped and you have a handicap van then you can make a choice of the place you want to go to. Apart from making this choice you can also choose the time of going. Before these vans were invented, dependency of handicapped individuals on others was really high. But, with the invention of these vans and the add-on features like hand controls, life has changed. In this article we aim at highlighting that change. Detailed hand controls user manuals available at

Who can use the handicap vehicles?

If you are suffering from a problem and you are not sure about the handicap vehicles, then read on. As per research and people using them, these vehicles can be used by all those people who have spinal cord injuries, people who are suffering from arthritis and anyone who can do limited use of their legs.

Hand controls can be installed in which cars?

The cars that have an automatic transmission could be used for installing hand controls. By permanently installing the hand controls or the portable controls, the car could be changed. Both types of controls have their own set of advantages.

About the permanent hand controls for vans

As the name indicates, these are the hand controls that are permanently added to the van or car one is driving. When these are installed then these cars can be driven by anyone with ease. All that the driver needs to do is to make or not make a choice of these controls. When these are installed the pedals function normally. So, even when these are not chosen by the driver, the car functions normally.

Advantages with portable hand controls

Above, we have indicated the benefit of the permanent hand controls. But, the portable types have their own advantages as well. The portable types are easy to add as well as remove from the car. So, even if you do not own a car specifically for the handicap, you can choose these portable controls. These would be installed in any car and will make a normal vehicle suitable for handicapped.

One can acquire these handicap vehicles from good companies. The demand for these cars is on a high and so getting them second hand or new with features is possible. A good thing about these cars is that the floors, roofs and other parts of the vehicle could be customized quite easily. So, one could include lowered floors, raised roofs and others with them. If you are in need of a better vehicle then you can choose the vehicle that has more power features and remote controls. However for added comfort it is always suggested to rely on hand controls for vans. These controls make driving an easy activity for the handicapped and help them move around without any problem.